Babylon : Confession

Episode 5

It seems that they finally have at least some data on Ai Magase but whatever that is I doubt it’ll be helpful.

I really, truly love this show but I don’t think I could ever explain why. It is a real mystery in that we never really know what is happening and there is nothing that is tying things together yet.

Like when you watch it you sit there in awe of everything that is happening, taking in so much information.

Then you try to explain what we’ve seen and you just can’t. It doesn’t help that Ai Magase, who was the center of this episodes attention, is some kind of Siren that can “rape” men’s minds just by the way she moves and looks. She then later learnt how to talk to people and somehow has turned that ability and her Siren like ways to force people into committing suicide voluntarily for a purpose we don’t know about yet.

We have no connection to  Itsuki yet so don’t know how they come to be together, why she’s helping him and we still don’t really know what the suicide law is about and why Itsuki wants people to commit suicide.

You watch these episode though and they just take over your mind.

I went on a rant about how the horror in them stems from a real life horror, one we feel all too deeply right now what with a General Election set for December here in the UK and just politics being a game by rich people against poor people in general.

Ai is another real life horror though.

You might laugh at the thought of someone being able to do this kind of thing but in the news recently I’ve seen someone being charged with abetted suicide after harassing her ex to the point that he killed himself. I mean it goes deeper then that and it isn’t in the same vein as Ai but who is to say things like this don’t happen more often and people just aren’t caught?

Have you ever been so taken by someone that you would do anything for them?

I have. It is a horrifying experience to be so enamored with another human that your own well being is second to theirs even if their presence in your life is a negative one.

So whilst Ai is a monster hyped up to a billion and beyond people like that truly exist and that is horrifying.

To see what someone like Ai can do and then pair it with a politician that has views the way that Itsuki has them and whilst we have no real idea how she really does the things she does or why he wants to do the things he does or how they are connected or whom the real bad guy is just the thought of the power they have over humanity is terrifying.

So little happened in this episode and the talk with the doctor about Ai just kind of went around in circles. What he said about her made my stomach turn but at the same time there is no science behind it. There wasn’t even indication of intent on her behalf. It was scary and it was wrong but it also didn’t answer a single question yet raised thousands more.

Again it is just scary in a very real way.

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