Kabukicho Sherlock : The Water’s Usually Hot

Episode 4

We have another surreal experience with the strangest iteration of Sherlock we have ever seen.

This time it wasn’t even that big a deal.

I mean Sherlock just went for a public bath and managed to solve a murder case with Moriarty and Watson in the background.

It was a really fun episode which I feel is just this show in general. Lots of little fun episodes that are joined together by the fact that the Detectives work together and John is only there to have Sherlock look at a case he’s brought him but can’t get him to pay him attention.

Everything about the series so far has just been ridiculous yet fun and entertaining to follow along with.

I really liked how this episode wasn’t about a big case. In fact it wasn’t a case at all, it was also very easy to follow and guess what happened for yourself. The point of the episode was probably to learn more about Moriarty and Sherlock’s relationship but you didn’t really learn anything about anyone.

Well you do learn something.

You learn that Watson really is only there to be abused by Sherlock and the laughing stock. It seems the kids running around are under Moriarty’s orders and he even reports back that he isn’t a bad guy. I had a feeling in the last episode that his true nature is yet to be uncovered but I also don’t think he’s really going to be the main bad guy now.

Watson really isn’t a bad guy as he gets super upset by the story of what happened to the rock band which was adorable.

Honestly I couldn’t even tell you half the things that happened that made this episode so long because the most fun was the solving of the case and the weirdest bit was just Sherlock in a bath. There honestly just wasn’t much to it yet it was fun all the way through.

Still want to know more about the characters and kind of would like to see a episode about Mrs Hudson who still manages to be my favourite character for little to no reason other then she makes me laugh.

My last thing about this episode.

I will never not see, no matter how censored it was, Sherlock’s dry up wiggle in my nightmares.

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