Fire Force : The Blacksmith’s Dream

Episode 15

Kajiya no Yume” (鍛冶屋の夢)

Again this show has finally found its feet and in doing so is now constantly just producing must seen episodes and still introducing us to interesting and outstandingly amazing new characters.

This time a new member to the Company as well as a potential new ally.

For a start we have Victor Licht thrown at Company 8 to be their forensic scientist because they still don’t have one. I don’t know if he’s a good guy, a bad guy or just a guy out for himself but his eccentric way and creepy look gets him the thumbs up from me.

Then we had Vulcan.

Vulcan doesn’t want to join the Fire Force and whilst the majority of the episode was light hearted and fun, seeing him throwing cans at Shira, Arthur and Iris who had been sent out to try and recruit him and getting to know his own strange ways it very fast turned into something much darker and more serious.

Though it also means that Giovanni is the focus right now even if he’s the next one that will be brought down by Company 8.

Again after all the problems I had with the stories being rushed t the beginning of this show this one episode alone was just so perfectly put together that I honestly felt like no time had passed when watching it. I was honestly shocked when it ended because it felt like a lifetime ago that Licht had been a problem but merely seconds since Vulcan had been introduced.

He isn’t much of a character right now, he’s angry with reason and good with his hands. We see his dream of bringing back nature that went extinct after the great fires that left the world in the way it was and the beauty of the things he can create but other then that right now he’s just a very angry young man.

As I said with good reason.

That reason being Giovanni.

I said it before that I have this weird thing about the Plague Doctor get up, it is just such a scary yet cool look. No one donning that kind of clothing is ever a good guy but they always tend to be super interesting too, it is one of those aesthetic things that I just really love no matter what it is in. Therefore from the second I saw Giovanni I wanted to get to know him.

He’s off to a good start.

His talk with Vulcan was chilling in some ways, the way he moves and the way he talks are intimidating without being intimidating in actual actions. It turns out that he was apprentice to Vulcan’s grandfather who had a problem with Hajima therefore neither of his apprentices could join with Hajima. After both his father and grandfather were turned Inferno at the same time Giovanni left to join Hajima and ultimately become Captain of the 3rd which obviously, because it is obvious that Giovanni had something to do with it as well as Hajima, means that Vulcan wants nothing to do with the Fire Force or anything relating to Hajima.

It is all a really interesting story but not just that, Shira does his Spider Sense thing and can hear that Giovanni is preparing to kill Vulcan so decides to stay to save him and we got to see Sho decide it is time for him to step in and sort out his brother.

Everything about the episode was just super well thought out.

We now have a good reason for Vulcan to join very obviously he’ll be helped by the 8th who will prove they are not on the side of Hajima or the other Companies but not only that we will get to see them in some way bring down another Company or at least have reason to start investigating them.

I can’t wait.

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