No Guns Life : Trigger

Episode 4

Hikigane” (引き金)

We unfortunately will probably have to see the end of the story of Ende and Anne but what does that mean for Tetsuro and Juzo?

I think this actually really finished off the story of Juzo and Tetsuro coming together really nicely.

Tetsuro taking over Juzo’s body in the last episode to help those he thought was being used to get to him was a great introduction to what he’ll stand for as a character, with him hardly able to do anything on his own due to the torture he had to go through it was only fitting that getting to know him had to be through forcefully taking over Juzo.

That being said this cemented who he is whilst also gave us a good look at the relationship the two of them will have.

I like that Tetsuro seemingly had kind of given control to Tetsuro as well, it seems that being a older model he might have been able to have taken control at some point but Tetsuro had to let him go in order to try and save Ende, the final fight between Ende and Juzo wasn’t all that interesting but then again it couldn’t really be interesting if we wanted to keep her alive.

Keeping her alive was important because Cunningham and Beruhren win if she dies.

You have to give it to the show though, the way that Tetsuro tried to protect Anne in the blast looked like the typical way that anyone would protect someone in one of these shows and they’d walk away bruised but alive. It was sad then to see Anne die right before Tetsuro after having everything taken from her.

Whilst the show still has a pretty upbeat and sweet feel to it at times it also does the dark very well.

No, I don’t mean that dark and gritty detective like feeling I mean the fact that the entire point of the story of Ende and Anne was to show how Beruhren stripped them of their meaning in life and one of the characters even died thinking her life was meaningless. They torture and experiment on kids then send them out in the field to do things so they can gain power or corner their prey, even the son of someone in charge isn’t out of reach for them.

When these children that they see as tools are useless they throw them away, they don’t care for them or anyone else.

Sure having a guy with a gun for a head is funny but do we really want to know why he doesn’t want anyone to ever get close enough to him that he’ll allow them to pull his trigger?

What kind of pain must these people have gone through to be changed in the way they are?

Most of them lose control of their Extended parts or end up in more pain, kids are being experimented on and life is just completely meaningless to so many.

That is what this world is.

Just sadness.

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