High School Prodigies Have it Easy Even in Another World : It Seems Akatsuki’s Becoming God Akatsuki!

Episode 5

Akatsuki wa Goddo Akatsuki ni naru yōdesu!” (暁はゴッド暁になるようです!)

In another small leap forward Tsukasa has decided to take over the main city of Dormundt and he does so pretty easily.

There isn’t really a problem with how they skip forward all the time but I feel like you could make a entire new series out of the things that they skip and at times it does annoy me a tiny bit missing out on simple things.

From declaring that he would make Elm Village their own independent state and basically setting out to bring Democracy to the world around him to having a truck that they drive around with, a religion that they’ve taken over and having just… Peacefully and with not much work taken over.

That all happened within moments of the show starting.

We never really saw the work Ringo did on the truck, we didn’t see the plan brought together or even them saying goodbye to those in Elm to go on their journey. We saw Lyrule upset that she didn’t get to thank Tsukasa for saving her which makes the timeline even more weird as surely they couldn’t have just gone back to Elm and disappeared again?

Obviously this episode wasn’t about any of that though because we show up in Dormundt and pretty much take over by putting on a magic show.

For a world that has magic in it the Illusions that Akatsuki put on seem like a weird thing to fill them with hope and dread honestly. I get the point that they used him as proof that there is much more in the world then the religion that has been forced on them and that it is OK to choose something else but that also wasn’t really explained well.

Or at least it was the best thing explained because we did have a conversation between Masato and Tsukasa where he basically just matter of factly told Masato everything they should have been told beforehand when discussing what the plan moving forward is but it all felt there for a fun start to the episode.

It worked.

Soon after all that we moved on to recruiting the leader of the new Knights of the Seven Lights Order.

Meeting Bernard was interesting because he was the voice of the people living in the city more then a noble would be. He left the Guards when Tsukasa took over because he has a family and he doesn’t want to lose his ability to look after his daughter or be killed in the name of a religion and a group of people who have come along and peacefully thrown them into a war.

It was a interesting perspective to look at.

He wasn’t against Tsukasa’s group, he didn’t really care which I guess most normal people wouldn’t, he also wasn’t angry or pissed off. For a change he was calm and focused on what was important.

I think that was the saving grace for the episode honestly. He was such a interesting character and even though his part in the episode was short as it was really broken into three segments and his segment was also mixed in with just the overall aftermath of the change in the city he just ended up being a character I want to see more of.

Personally I want to see this war not be as bloody as he thinks, I want him to see that the others are able to work out compromises and talk their way out of things. There might still be a war and they might lose people but I want him to see that Tsukasa doesn’t want that and he really is working towards the life that he is promising people.

That would be a good thing to see.

I can also see Bernard not caring about talking his mind if they ever seemingly move off that path. I doubt that Tsukasa would but it kind of gave us someone from that world that seems to have the confidence, like the Villagers in Elm, to stand up to Tsukasa and say “hang on this isn’t what WE want” and I think Tsukasa, being the perfect politician, will listen and do what is right.

When I say perfect by the way I mean the perfect politician to what a politician should be. He’s completely the opposite of what the “perfect” politician actually is.

We then ended with Shinobu doing research into the threat that is coming their way.

It is big, it has a angry mage at the helm and we saw Inzagi lose his head. It was neither a very long part of the episode or a very interesting one other then to know that the next opponent is a little bit on the scary side.

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