Hataage! Kemono-Michi : Animal Mask x MAO

Episode 5

Kemonaa Masuku × MAO” (ケモナーマスク × MAO)

We’re back with the greatest wrestling story of all time!

This is because this episode goes back to the real world and see’s the devastation of Animal Mask disappearing to the world that he left.

Hint, it wasn’t a big deal.

Well other then for his opponent MAO who had never defeated Animal Mask and with his dream of defeating him gone now that Animal Mask had disappeared was facing a life of meaninglessness.

That is until he’s brought in as the Demon King of our world to defeat the Hero the Princess brought to this world.

So yay for MAO having meaning again!

The show has calmed down a lot, or at least it is calm at the moment and I’m really enjoying it. Genzo is a fun main character and whilst his quirk is pretty much his entire being it does lead to some great moments like having to have Shigure drag him to work and his disinterest in doing a job that means he has to work with plants and not Demon Beasts.

I’ve said before though that this could end up becoming boring if it is the only thing happening.

Of course seeing all the new Demon Beasts and how they interact with Genzo and the others is always fun and as a collection of episodes focusing on crazy beasts I guess it would work but the addition of so many different bits and pieces to this story means that it feels like it’ll get much more interesting as it goes along.

Which adding his life long enemy who just wants to defeat him in a wrestling match is definitely going to happen.

There was also a little bit of development in Genzo in the episode.

For the first time since coming to this new world he seemed to notice that he’s not wrestling anymore. I mean it is complete BS that he hasn’t done anything wrestling related for a while, he’s German Suplexing the heck out of this world, but it again opens up a new option for Genzo.

Not only is he doing his dream Pet Shop thing and all the laughs that this brings with his love for animals but he has his biggest rival now in this world AND the possibility of missing his job might open it up to there being wrestling introduced to this world.

Or maybe not.

That being said it would be fun to see him create his own wrestling company and it would be the perfect way for him and MAO to come together whilst also having the odd episode here and there still focused on the hunting of Demon Beasts without the joke of him not wanting to work, Hanako wanting to eat everything and Shigure doing everything getting old.

As for the episode itself other then giving us hope that much more can be done with the show it continued to be its own really whacky and fun self.

Though maybe not as interesting as the episodes before it honestly.

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