Assassins Pride : Two Young Ladies Assemble at the Chained Castle

Episode 4

Kusari-jō ni Tsudou, Otome to Otome” (鎖城に集う、乙女と乙女)

It is the Anime version of the Goblet of Fire…

Which even included no one believing that it could be possible that Melida was chosen but could very much believe she did something to cheat the system.

Away from that it is just another forced situation to put Melida in so that another adult can prove she isn’t worthy of her surname. All this when Black Madia is on her case because now NOW of all times they want to go the scientific route of proving that Melida isn’t related to the Angel family with her blood.

Which starts to make this show a little bit less enjoyable.

Take away the Angel families bullcrap and you have a really sweet show about a girl who struggled to find her mana and now that she has it has to work more then anyone to prove that she deserves it. Melida is a great main character and her relationships with just about everyone are perfectly written. It is sad to see her constantly being looked down on but it also makes it even sadder that her family is trying to put a gap between her and Eli when all the two of them want is to be together.

Eli saying that she would lose the trial to Melida so she can team up with her was sad but it was also nice to see both girls starting to get a bit of a backbone when it comes to the adults in their life always sticking their nose in.

Away from that though you have this really convoluted story that just makes no sense!

If Black Madia is happy with Melida’s blood to obviously prove one way or the other that she’s a Angel family member why wasn’t that the job that Kufa was sent to do in the first place?

Why does Melida have to be killed if she isn’t a Angel descendant? Why can’t they just ostracize her?

When she finally showed mana why is she still jumping through hoops just to have someone talk to her? Why should she care about what her father thinks when it is obvious he just doesn’t care for her regardless of her power?

In the end I think the story behind it all will be OK especially because it is obvious that Melida herself is special, she seems to have Paladin powers within her so she’s either a full blooded Angel and her family is just crazy or she’s just going to be more powerful then them when she gets used to it and can channel both her Classes but until then it is just a ridiculous reason for a child to be constantly hunted by adults.

I want everything to go alright for Eli and Melida but I feel like that isn’t going to be allowed.

One thought on “Assassins Pride : Two Young Ladies Assemble at the Chained Castle”

  1. I also got serious Goblet of Fire vibes with this one.
    And yeah, Melida is an awesome character but the plot isn’t doing her any favours at the moment. Hopefully she can clear this trial and maybe we can move on to something more than just the next person who wants to Melida to jump through a hoop.

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