Ascendance of a Bookworm : Baptisms and Strange Fevers

Episode 5

Senreishiki to Fushigina Netsu” (洗礼式と不思議な熱)

Another week and I’m sure another episode of me getting real annoyed at Main. I’ll try not to be, I promise.

This week at least had her at her most pleasant.

Whilst she is still condescending to hell and doing things without thinking about the world she’s in I have to admit that she was almost fun to spend time with in this episode. She had her moments and is still a self centered cow most of the time but there were a few moments where you could forget that some selfish adult was stuck in the body of a poor child and just saw her as a child doing what children do.

Maybe that is the problem?

Maybe the fact that she is a adult in the body of a child is where I just can’t enjoy watching anything she does. As she’s so good at most things her then getting all “I’ll do THIS” and setting off to do it and then getting angry and upset at others when it doesn’t go well and never taking much of the blame for herself is frustrating.

She was told in this episode she’s now old enough to go out and do chores which includes gathering firewood, she then brings back wood and puts it with the firewood and gets upset when her family burn it.

Did she maybe just ask her parents if they could keep that firewood to one side?

Did she even bring back any firewood to be used in the house?

Her anger at her mother for daring to use wood for what it is used for that was brought back by the child sent out to get it for one use and one use only was the only down point in the episode that truly annoyed me but it also brought up a good story about her fever. Her anger made her start to glow like in the last episode and then ended with her fighting for her life more or less which makes it feel like either Mine herself died and the consciousness of Urano replaced her or Mine is still in her body somewhere and the fever is more like her fighting back.

Either that or she just has a really weird fever that seemingly stops bugging her when she stops sulking and acting like the world is against her and decides to get better to help Lutz who for no reason other then being a good person has helped her out so much and stuck by her side even though she doesn’t really deserve it.

Specially as instead of trying to help him with his dream of being a traveling sales person she’s trying to get him to agree to be a Merchant. Sure again this might be in some way helping the poor lad because she’s well aware that job isn’t a good one but after all the time and effort he’s put into helping her with her dream it just seems a bit sad that instead of talking to him openly about his dream and what it really means instead she’s trying to get someone else to do the dirty work.

Then again she did kind of have a point that maybe it’ll be better from a adult who has been there and done that but it just seems like a story there to make her look selfish?

Maybe the writer doesn’t even realise that whilst the intent is very obvious that she’s looking out for Lutz they’ve made the character so detestable and selfish that it also comes over as her not actually caring for other people’s feelings or dreams. Like for everyone around her the dream of making a book or even just owning a book in her position must be as batshit crazy as Lutz wanting to be a traveling merchant but he’s never once looked down on her or thought badly about it or tried to get her to ACTUALLY DO WHAT SHE’S MEANT TO BE DOING. Instead he’s stood by her side even when he caught her out in a blatant lie to her father and scoulded her, he still stood by her and helped her.

That being said I’m disappointed a bigger point wasn’t made that her mother was not in the wrong for burning wood she had been sent to gather for the fire and left by the firewood. He did once more act as the voice of reasoning but she still spent her entire time in bed doing the poor me routine.

Thing is I can’t wait for this guy who was in the first episode to show up because at least at that point she might become less frustrating because she’ll have her damned books but at the same time it feels like her getting to that point and not the point of this show being that she has to come to terms with the life she has been given and go without books is just giving the selfish character the ending she wanted and not actually fair on anyone else.

She’s still pretty mean to her father most of the time, she’s a dick to the mum just for making a mistake she probably doesn’t even know she’s made and she still looks down on everyone around her.

Yet she’ll get her books and continue to be as horrible as ever.

Just a little less in your face about it.

I tried not to be down on the episode because I quite liked having more of Lutz and Otto in it to be honest plus the dad being a big softie at the beginning and getting grumpy when Otto called Mine his Assistant was cute. I’m sorry I just can’t not be grumpy about her to be honest.

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