The Hero is Invincible but “Too Cautious” : I So Don’t Need Any Allies

Episode 4

Nakama nante chō iranasugiru” (仲間なんて超いらなすぎる)

The last episode is proof that sometimes momentum is a very needed thing for a show, specially one that so far is all about the comedy of a situation.

So episode 4 has a lot of work to do to make up for a lackluster return for the series.

To be fair I think it did it.

It still missed the mark a few times on some jokes, I guess I had to remember that quite a lot of the time the jokes border on being rather crass and actually went into actually being pretty over the top in places in this episode.

That being said when it did hit the mark it did it super well.

One big problem is a joke will be made in the show and then you’ll be hit over the head with it countless times in a small space of time, this time out it is the whole thing about needing Rista’s hair. It was a constant thing in Seiya’s creations and sure it was funny the first time but it just became a burden by the end of the episode.

Likewise hearing how Seiya figures things out in his head has become burdensome to listen to.

It is no longer funny, we got the joke and now having him reel off a million things that could go wrong isn’t funny any more. That isn’t something that will ruin the show in any way but it makes the episodes feel dragged out, coupled with the jokes being overused and it can feel like a slog through what is actually a pretty interesting story.

I think Seiya is badly written but this episode we saw some development that I feel was kind of missing after his adventure in the first village. I felt you could take his keeping of the charm from the little girl and going to save her any which way that you want but his running to save Mash as well as being impressed with how gutsy he is and saying that he can hold his equipment shows that he actually does have a human side to him.

Plus foreshadowing of a actual story to explain why he is the way he is.

As for the actual story it was Seiya vs Deathmagla and it was a really interesting fight. It got bogged down in explanations and jokes at times but it didn’t stop it being interesting and Deathmagla himself was a pretty fun character.

Unfortunately the way the show is he’s not going to be seen again.

So I enjoyed the episode but at the same time found my interested dipping quite often. Instead of sitting and watching the entire time I kept pausing it to check messages and check to see if my favourite Twitch streamer had started his stream yet. It isn’t something that can keep my attention because even when things are cool or interesting it is a split second before a over used joke, long explanation or over the top joke that barely raises a smile ruins whatever is happening.

That being said there is a lot of potential now that it looks like we’ll get a few more characters and there are some fun looking stories like Ishtar and how she’ll feel about Seiya if he keeps acting the way he is and indeed the growth of both Seiya and Rista as well as the Dragonkin if Seiya does allow them to tag along.

So yeah, it has redeemed itself but actually ended up being a lot weaker then I originally thought the series would be.

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