Kabukicho Sherlock : The Dream of Fuyuto Kyokogoku, the Ace

Episode 3

Esu・kyōgoku fuyujin no Yume wa” (エース・京極冬人の夢は)

John might not be getting anywhere with asking Sherlock to help him but we have another weird case to solve with not only Sherlock but the other Detectives from the Row.

Or at least Kyogoku this week.

Honestly this episode kind of confused me for the longest period of time, it all made sense by the end of the episode though I guess to a point you are left to join some of the dots up yourself but it was a fun episode.

I think not having some kind of action happening in the background was what made the episode feel kind of muted compared to others, we weren’t getting to know anyone or having the detectives really fight it out but at the same time we weren’t really watching Sherlock figure it out either. There wasn’t even that many clues given so that we could figure it out ourselves.

That isn’t to say it wasn’t fun guessing.

It became pretty clear that the rock star had something to do with it because why else would he have been there? Specially as Kyogoku was crazy about him, they weren’t just going to let him have some fun with a hero. I never thought that it would have been the victim himself and that he actually killed his own brother and put the blame on his nephew because he was in love with his brothers wife but hey that was just me. It was a bit of a far out one to guess when you weren’t really given that many clues other then the mother obviously knew, which led to me thinking it was her, and it was too obvious that it would be Pu plus the whole case was to prove his innocence.

Again it was a crazy ride all the way through the only thing I have to say I didn’t like was, as I said above, that Sherlock didn’t really do much figuring things out or we didn’t see much. For a episode that was the same length as all the others very little seemed to happen but that didn’t ruin it I just kind of like getting little clues so I can guess along.

Getting to know John and the case that has brought him to Sherlock is good though, you have to think that his case will be the one that ends the season and I have a feeling that I know who might be involved.

I guess a bit of a spoiler if you don’t know Sherlock stories but usually Moriarty is the bad guy and there was a flash of that in this episode and I have a feeling that if he isn’t going to be more of the mid season story then he might tie in with Johns in some way. I can’t wait to see more of him if I’m honest, I can’t wait to see how John’s case actually gets to Sherlock and I can’t wait for more craziness.

Also again… Mrs Hudson, best Hudson there is.

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