Didn’t I Say to Make my Abilities Average in the Next Life?! : Didn’t I Say This Was the Crimson Vow’s First Step?!

Episode 4

We’re back with the Crimson Vow, watching as Mile tries her hardest just to be a average girl doing average things averagely like any old average person.

Maybe I should start introducing these using song lyrics changed to average. I don’t know. We’ll see.

To be fair that isn’t really fair on this episode which slowly went from its normal cheerful and happy self into something much darker as it looks like we’ll get a look into the dark past of Reina which will be interesting.

Again it starts off like any old episode with the girls just being girls and going about their life like they aren’t in the presence of the most OP person ever to exist. They go do some quests but at the same time we kind of get to see the others OP powers come to the fore, specially once more Pauline’s when she out wits a merchant trying to underpay them for their work. It was a fun way to start the episode.

It wasn’t even that it got dark, this show managed to show us that something not so nice has happened to Reina and show how she reacts to situations like it with the same lightness as the rest of the show.

Without making light of the matter if you get what I mean.

I guess that being such a small part I’ll talk about it at the end of the blog and just focus on the rest of the episode quickly.

Was good wasn’t it?

What I’ve really enjoyed about the show is that even repetitive jokes don’t really get old, they are used in such a way that you kind of just roll your eyes in the most loving way and giggle to yourself. Mile looks at the predicament she’s in with such a positive outlook and it is fun watching her try to keep a low profile but messing up constantly. She’s such a likable character and the rest of them whilst at times a little empty compared to her are a good laugh to be around and slowly getting to know them all is fun.

Really enjoyed seeing them taking on some quests. It was a good episode.

It was made even better by the ending though.

Giving it some depth and a more serious story line whilst not just turning it into a grim show is a good thing to add to it. For the moment at least it gives Reina some character work whilst showing that the world isn’t going to be all jokey and happy all the time.

From what I gather her father possible was killed and she was looking at being sold as a slave and killed those responsible.

For something about “cute girls” it is a bit of a step away from what we’ve seen so far. I really like how they presented the story and seeing Reina lose her temper and see red but the others stop her before this nice anime turned into something very different.

Where they go from here is exciting to think about.

This opens the door for all of the characters to have their pasts explored and it means that the show isn’t scared to show a different side whilst being able to keep it upbeat in some ways.

Honestly I just truly love watching it and I think giving it a different edge is going to make it even better.

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