Babylon : Chase

Episode 4

Tsuiseki” (追跡)

After airing three of its episodes on the same day Babylon is finally back and we’re onto the next part of the story.

The scene has been set, the mystery is out there to be solved but what is it we’re actually looking at? Who is a victim and who is in the wrong? Murder, suicide, politics and a woman who is able to completely change what she looks like are all thrown in a pot in the city of Shiniki.

This episode really was about not only building the case against Itsuki but figuring out what the case should be in the first place. It introduced a whole new task force and really tried to set the ground for what it is that Seizaki now has to do.

Which is prove that Itsuki is behind the mass suicides.

Of course that isn’t actually what this show is about but this episode obviously tried to stop what is going to happen from happening by digging deep into the suicide story.

What this story really is actually is pretty terrifying.

Shiniki is a experimental place with the ability to create whatever law they want and put it into effect and see how it plays out. The mass suicide was a attempt at showing how this will be a good thing for humanity and saw the implantation of the Suicide Law but of course there is so much more that could happen after that and we all very much know that this woman who can change her face at a whim can talk people into suicide.

This episode really kind of focused on what this law has done to the city as well as how Itsuki is using it to create his own parliament. At the moment the city doesn’t have one but they want to be totally independent and having such a big controversial law in act will show him who thinks like he does and who doesn’t. He does this by setting out his own conditions when it comes to the voting of parliament including anyone no matter how young can vote, meaning that parents in fact can have two votes if they have a baby, anyone who lives in the city AT THAT MOMENT can have a vote no matter how long they have been there as well as all that are running, and anyone of any age can run as well, having to state their views on the Suicide Law.

It is hard to really say how you feel about it after the fact if I’m honest with you. It is such a interesting show to watch and you kind of understand what is going on and how things connect as you watch it but then you try and talk about it and suddenly you just can’t.

Why it is scary I guess is that it is realistic in some regards.

Sure our governments haven’t done anything quite so big so far but here in the UK we’re facing a General Election that isn’t about democracy at all in the eyes of many but just to stop something that was democratically voted for by the people of the UK by a party that (OK not the leader sure) were democratically voted into power.

This whole changing of goal posts and scary realisation that even when something seems ridiculous to us is a very real threat is something I don’t think anyone really see’s when it comes to politics and that is sad and scary specially when in December a huge thing is being decided in my country and absolutely no one so far is taking it as seriously as it needs to be.

Add in all the thriller aspects like the mystery woman and the suicides and you make it even scarier because if the story can be based on a little bit of truth then just what powers would a charismatic person like Itsuki have over others.

Whilst it is obvious that his rules have led to the possibility of him flooding the election with outsiders that support him and others who are on the same wave length as him and it is obvious this won’t be as democratic as it is made out to be it’ll still be a scary look into something that is all too real for many adults watching it at the moment.

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