Anime Highlights Week 42

21st – 27th October 2019

Last wee’s Highlights were out a little late due to obviously my broken tooth, having to go to the dentist and all the rest of it but hopefully by the time this is up it isn’t too late into the next week.

So anime!

Dark Depressing World…

So many of the shows we watch are steeped in depressing stories.

Whilst most of the “traveled to another world” stories OBVIOUSLY have trouble in them, else why be summounded in the first place, the others can be just as miserable.

For example Assassins Pride. You’d think that unlocking her mana, no matter how it was achieved or what it turned into, would be enough that Melida could just continue her life. In actual fact her family send someone out not only to try and fix her which might kill her but to steal the power from Elise and maybe kill her too.

If it wasn’t for Rosetta and Kufa the two of them would be dead.

Then No Guns Life is ALWAYS depressing but even more so when the targets of this weeks episodes are kids and it leads to Tetsuro taking over Juzo and going after the culprits.

Just for the culprits to be experiments themselves and a poor girl who has basically been turned into a giant Extended Spider.

Also I’m not too sure if Babylon is a depressing world or not right now.

What is happening in the series isn’t exactly a happy thing but at the same time other then looking at it from our perspective we haven’t seen whether other people find it depressing or not yet. Well that little boy certainly does and whoever gets talked into suicide probably do too but…

OK yeah sure it is depressing as well.

So is Vinland Saga as always.

Everything is depressing.

Depressing, depressing, depressing.


Everything about the Party in Average Abilities I love.

The fact that they kind of are a odd mix of personalities that have just randomly come together, the fact that they don’t really care that Mile is weird and aren’t maliciously using her because they know she’s OP and weird and their strange craziness are all small reasons why I love them.

This week they terrified a bunch of adults and won a competition because they are terrifying.

They don’t even realise how terrifying they are.

Together they are going to keep growing and whilst Mile is always going to be over powered and crazy the way she is I feel like one day she’ll be able to share her secrets with the other three and they’ll all be OP together and be wonderful Idol girls in the Hunter world.

Crimson Moon!

Fire Force also had a Crimson Moon you know.

I guess this episode was the story of how Benimaru found himself.

He went from believing that he doesn’t deserve to be in charge of his group to finding his voice and watching as the people listened and then even went one further and knowing the amount of force he would have to use to protect his city went into the sky to use it and stop the city from being destroyed more then it needs to be.

That Crimson Moon at the end of the fight was just a beautiful way of ending what has been a particularly amazing story for the series.

The Mild Hero Returns…

We finally got a new episode of the Cautious Hero, unfortunately it was also very boring.

When I went into the series I was kind of expecting it to poke fun at all the strange little things that someone like me does playing RPGs and up until this episode that is basically what it has done just this episode didn’t move the plot on in any way.

OK that is untrue, it gave us a new town for Seiya to terrorize and it gave us two new characters for him to be cruel at but it just felt like it was the same recycled jokes… Just not as funny.

Which is a shame because I really enjoyed this show and in the review I pointed to the week break as maybe a reason that it didn’t work, hopefully it’ll gain some steam going forward and the new characters will breath some life into what within three episodes has managed to become a VERY tired format.

We can hope.

Real Heroes Change the World!

Unlike Seiya the Seven Prodigies in High School Prodigies are doing their best to change the world around them for the better.

In what happened to be one of the most overly serious episodes we’ve had in the series so far we saw Lyrule nearly raped, death and blood everywhere and a uprising of the people.

This is all lead by Tsukasa who has come into this world, organised his friends to help better a village and now is about to throw them into the world that he has come from with real politics a fairer economy and not being torched to death by a pervert on a whim.

Let us not also forget that Shinra himself in Fire Force is determined to use the powers that people believe should be to destroy the world to save it.

Shinra’s mission to be a hero was in full force as he had his own kind of Spider Senses and was able not only to stop the Archer’s arrow from killing Benimaru as he fought the Demon but then caught Benimaru who had burnt himself out and safely return him to the ground.

He is the hero he always wants to be and Beni himself found out that he is a hero in the eyes of those around him.

Can we claim Sherlock to be a hero as well? Maybe a anti-hero? A hero that doesn’t want to be a hero? Maybe not but he solved a case and saved a innocent man from prison. Heroic in his own way.

Then there is Askeladd…

There aren’t really any heroes in Vinland Saga but the one that really isn’t a hero no matter what is probably Askeladd.

Whatever his plans are they probably aren’t as heroic as he thinks, the way he goes about it really isn’t heroic and he’s a Viking. His crew aren’t happy that his luck has worn thin so instead of going along with his plan that COULD work they turn on him thinking that they can go and join Thorkell.

That ain’t gonna happen.

Askeladd is a weird one though.

Luc said in the review that he is some kind of grim father figure to Thorfinn. Sure Thorfinn hates him but he’s also the person he is today and only alive today because of Askeladd. Let us not act like Askeladd did anything untoward to have Thorfinn with him, if Thorfinn hadn’t disobeyed his father and stowed away on a ship headed for a war zone then his father would probably still be alive and Askeladd was just doing the job he was given by Floki.

That being said he’s let Thorfinn follow him and guided him to become what he is.

Is that a good or bad thing?

It is hard to say. Askeladd himself points out in this episode that “native” English people at this point aren’t actually native at all and took the country by force and blood and that is just what the Danes are doing now.

I mean he himself wouldn’t call himself a good guy but is he really a bad guy either?

He ended up being one of the most interesting characters of the entire show just by being a Viking I guess. He isn’t even really a Viking as such.

He Has Even More Weirdos Now

Not Askeladd mind you who has probably lost most of his weirdos now.

Kemono Michi has ramped it up when it comes to how many weirdos you can fit into a episode.

That being said the now, I guess, set main cast work pretty well together and this episode really let their relationships shine for the first time.

Well it was the first episode they were all a team… Never mind.

All the characters bring something to the story though and that is what I really am starting to enjoy. Whilst sometimes the Genzo loves animals joke kind of nears a line that I have in my head about that kind of joke it balances itself out nicely with his interactions with the others and the fact that the others find him strange and it isn’t like this is seen as normal behaviour.

It is also just nice to see lots of weird creatures.

Kind of like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them if Newt was a pervert and there was no politics.

When the Prince see’s blood…

One of the most intriguing moments from High School Prodigies this week for Luc was the moment that Prince Akatsuki see’s the very real situation he’s in.

It was actually a very good scene where they muted what seems like the world around Akatsuki which is much more innocent and sweet then the one he was currently in and let him actually see what was happening with clear eyes.

Whilst it was a great scene and worthy of being a highlight mention it also seems like it didn’t really lead to anything.


I would have liked to see something other then him regaining his composure and then just getting on with it. It felt like this is the first time he really noticed that he was going to be in a world with death and yet he kind of just got over it in a blink which was a shame for me personally.

Doesn’t take away from how dramatic and real the scene was though.

Canute on the other hand is just a big baby in general. I get the story they are telling with him but he doesn’t flinch at the sight of the dead anymore, he’s probably seen too much death, but he does actually prove that Ragnar has spoiled him by acting like a brat at the death of Ragnar and having to leave the body behind.

Princes hey?

The Power of Gaming!

I’m not going to lie, on Sunday I tried to edit and write as many reviews as I could after having a tough few weeks due to my tooth problems and then just being anxious and depressed about falling behind after working so hard to get a good schedule going.

Therefore I don’t think I got across the point I wanted to make in the review for After School Dice Club that I wanted.

This episode focused on how values are person specific and just because you don’t find value in something doesn’t mean there isn’t value to find in it.

We are introduced to a character who is a bit of a contradiction.

She lives for the student council and wants Midori to join her like they did before getting to middle school and can’t see past this very real to her dream of being in charge. I might not be putting it in a good way but this is her life and she see’s value in it because it is productive and helps people. Her goal is to make people smile because the student president showed her that this is a good use of her time in the student council but she’s also unable to figure out what that truly means.

In this episode it is up to Midori to show her that just because she doesn’t see why people would like gaming, in this occasion obviously table top gaming, it doesn’t mean that it should be looked down on. She slowly learns that what looks like a easy game and therefore not worth her time can be fun but she’s stubborn so it doesn’t automatically change her mind.

Whilst the character might not have learnt her lesson the show threw so much positive light on a hobby that sometimes gets overlooked or looked down on.

Gaming of all types can seem intimidating to get into, suck if you have no friends to do it or look like a childish way to pass your time if you close your eyes to things that you yourself don’t see value in. The episode tried to show that gaming like most things brings people together, cuts through any difference you might have and its number one priority is to make people smile.

I feel a gaming festival is going to be the answer to Ren’s problems later in the series but it was just nice to see such positiveness given to not only table top gaming but the idea that if something makes you happy then it has value and just because you can’t find value in something doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any.

What a wonderful message for a show to give out hey?


So in this weeks No Guns Life we saw Tetsuro use his harmony power on Juzo giving us the interesting scenario of our main character not being himself for a moment.

To be fair in this episode it is mainly a way to explore the character of Tetsuro but you can only believe that this will end up being a story line where we learn more about both him and Juzo. Right now though we can see the lengths that Tetsuro will go to do the right thing.

After all what Tetsuro wants is for others to stop being used by the company his family run.

It is a valiant call that he follows but Juzo was pretty much right that someone who can’t even stand up can’t really stand up to a company that owns the entire city, yet he still tries and is left standing tall at the end of the episode.

Knowing doesn’t mean you can do!

I give Ascendance of a Bookworm a hard time because Main is such a horrible character but the one thing that I really like about the show is that whilst she is always right when it comes to crafts and stuff being that her perfect life with her perfect mother before all of this showed her how to do it all that doesn’t mean knowing how other people do things gives her the power to do it herself.

She is the kind of person that looks down on anything that doesn’t live up to the standard her society had maintained but time and time again we learn that whilst she thinks she’s the bees knees she actually has 0 knowledge on how difficult crafts are done and therefore continues to fail to make anything close to a book.

Personally I like this, if they made the character more sympathetic and less annoying these trial and errors on making her book would be both funny, sweet and informative. As it is it is the needed foil to a character that honestly just winds me the heck up.

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