Quick Parasyte Update

I thought I’d write a short blog here seeing we don’t really use our Twitter so no one really follows it. Our own bad there.

Basically if you haven’t heard I ended up having a bad toothache that lasted a week before I had it pulled out, then I had a week of pain from the pulled tooth healing and this last week I was struggling to get my mindset back in the game and do just about anything.

This means that Parasyte never got finished which is a shame because it was basically the only horror thing I was really doing this year.

That being said the reviews will be returning soon but instead of being every day I’ll have them once a week till we finish the series as part of our Anime Flashback series instead of just being a watch through for October. I do plan on finishing it as I’ve never got this far in the anime let alone finished watching it.

After that we will hopefully replace it with another show and continue our Anime Flashback series as a ongoing thing. From time to time we’ll use it to just catch up with something that we failed to finish, maybe even starting the reviews from the beginning and changing reviewer so that it isn’t just random series started from the middle, but that will continue one day a week.

Again I guess I’ll add it to the end that the game reviews stopped for October because I was hoping (and did begin) to stream a few horror games and have the game play videos up for the month. Once more due to the tooth obviously I was in no state to stream so that never happened. Gaming reviews will be back I think starting this Saturday and streams will start again soonish (I’m on holiday again very soon so there should be a good deal during my holiday) as well as some other series I’ve been holding off of posting for a little bit coming out over the holiday period.

I’m sorry that once again I failed to do something, this time though I honestly couldn’t help it. If you’ve ever had a dead tooth that needed to be pulled you’ll understand how bad that can be. We’ll have the last of last weeks anime out today and tomorrow hopefully all today and the highlights out ASAP and then HOPEFULLY more consistent posting from here on out.

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