Fire Force : For Whom the Flame Burns

Episode 14

Da ga Tame no Honō” (誰が為の炎)

With the city on fire it is up to Benimaru to finally see his worth as a leader and help the people of his city escape the chaos being caused by the White Hoods.

He did and it was glorious, he gave a speech and got the people of Asakusa to calmly beat the hell out of each other to put a end to the impostor stuff, no point in leaving the city when you can just have the whole city sort out the impostor problem themselves.

It really was a great ending to the strongest story the series has told so far.

We had a addition to the mystery surrounding Shinra as his legs started to act weird, the White Hoods are convinced this proves his power is there to destroy the world whilst Shinra is even more determined to use his power to save it. Then we had a big fight with Benimaru and the White Hood who had turned himself into a Demon, the White Hoods didn’t seem too upset that he had died though seeing as their big mission was to see if a Demon could be born in the same place twice which this proved it can.

It also ended with the two Companies becoming friends, the actual ending with Beni sharing Sake with Obi was one of the sweetest things and to see him smiling was adorable.

This is by far my favourite story and favourite episode of the series. It kind of is what I thought the show could be if it just took a second to actually build stories up instead of rushing through them and yeah it proved that it can be one of the best things around.

We laughed, we cried and we saw some kick ass action scenes all in one episode.

Company 7 has been given the respect they deserve, characters and their stories explained in decent detail and their personalities and quirks given time for us to get used to. This is in stark contrast with Company 1 who we were with for a episode before we were meant to be so surprised that one of them was actually a bad guy, just think of how good that story could have been if given the same time to build to the revelation that Rekka was a White Hood.

It all ended with a bang too and a pretty crimson moon.

Fire Force jumps between being disappointing and being super good and thankfully it seems to have settled itself now. The jokes that were being overused up until the start of this story have been dialed back to a decent amount with perfect timing, characters make more sense and work better together then they did before and the stories themselves are taking precedent over the jokes.

Plus the things that kept me hooked hoping for better like the cool character designs when they start using their powers, the cool powers themselves and amazing action sequences are just getting better and better.

It finally feels like it has found its feet.

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