Fairy Gone 2 : Kite Laughing Out Loud

Episode 16

Warai Korogeru Tonbi” ( 笑いころげるトンビ)

There was a good episode of Fairy Gone so I’m fully expecting another confusing one that gives us more heartache between Maryla and Veronica or Wolfrun showing up and Free getting all Maryla on us…

Or just things not making sense.

I hope not.

THIS, this is what I hate.

I’m hoping that the beginning of the episode with Maryla is her deciding to put her trust in her comrades but it felt like we’re back to square one with her.

This is what happens.

We have Maryla being miserable because oh no she’s a cursed child, something goes wrong which is slightly on her for whatever reason and she gets depressed because oh no she’s still cursed, the entire group come together to show her they love and support her and we have that moment where she develops and learns that she’s worth something just for the very next episode her to be back to oh no I’m cursed…

I’m fed up of hearing about her and her cursed life.

It runs as a undercurrent constantly through the story which again was actually really freakin’ good.

With the Black Fairy Tome, Black Nine, apparently found the worst of the worst were out to find it and capture it for themselves. This includes Veronica, Sweety, Gui Carlin and obviously Dorothea.

There was lots of fighting, lots of blood, Gui Carlins guy Eajey was terrifying as hell and we learn that that Carlin apparently has most of the Black Tome and yeah it was a pretty decent episode. I’m not even saying that the Maryla thing ruined it I just wish they’d stick to one thing and just do it, develop your character and keep her developed.

I’ve said it countless times but it is like they have this amazing show and then constantly want to mess it up by having nonsensical development of characters and returning to the same story that has been dealt with MULTIPLE TIMES at this point.

Let’s forget that for a moment though, I needed to say it again but we’ll move on because as I said this episode was really good once more.

Eajey is one of the coolest bad guys so far introduced. I feel like a lot of the people against Dorothea are only against them because Dorothea follow the law, right now a whole bunch of people that kind of live in the Grey area are being forced together to fight against Eajey which is interesting, it also means that we might get another information dump in the next episode as Damien will have to tell the world who he really is and what he is really up to.

I forget the importance of the Black Fairy Tome because it felt like so much was thrown at us about the Tome’s all in one go a long time ago that it was difficult to care to remember it but it seems to have brought a lot of parties together in one place which made for a really interesting fight and a more fitting time spent with Sweety.

We’re getting further away from the rebellion and all that stuff and back to the Tome which is interesting but again whilst this time it isn’t something I hate about it the show doesn’t seem to want to stick to one thing for long which is why I get so confused with the story all the time. You’ll jump from the race to get your hands on the Fairy Tome to something political to some plot that involves a bajillion people who you’ll instantly get confused with. I feel like I’ll need to re-watch the entire two seasons when this one is over and try to piece it all together after having seen what is going on so that the fights and stuff don’t get in the way and I can just focus on what is being said.

Kind of hoping they stick with this story for a bit though.

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