Dr. Stone : A Hundred Nights and a Thousands Skies

Episode 17

Hyaku no Yoru to Sen no Sora” (百の夜と千の空)

The story of Senku’s dad is still the main focus as the Science Empire continues to celebrate the fact that Ruri is now safe and well.

For a start this episode is horrific in some ways yet even though it is steeped in death and sadness it is the most positive and uplifting thing I’ve seen.

Secondly I said we probably wouldn’t see any emotion from Senku because he’s too logical but I am so happy to be proven wrong. That one tear as he stands at what just so happens to be Byakuya’s grave was one of the best scenes in this show and one of the most emotional moments you could ever imagine.

This episode didn’t explore any further what happened to humanity but was a horrible reminder that survival is hard when we don’t have the comforts of the modern world.

It isn’t even that these guys didn’t have the skills to pass on they didn’t get a chance. The 100 stories were thought up by Byakuya so that he could keep people safe but also create a community that by the time Senku was reborn would be able to help him. I mean it was a pipe dream lead by the stupid positive attitude that brimmed through Byakuya but it worked. By the time he died, the final adult left standing, all that were left was children and those children had to use those stories, stories of survival as well as morals and the rest of it, to keep alive and continue to grow as a community till we have what we have today.

The doctors left to save Connie and we’re left to believe they died trying, there was no medication or technology because they landed where they believed the last place would have been hit by the petrification which was a tiny island off of Japan. There was nothing but stories and survival techniques to pass on and it wasn’t long before the only adult alive was Byakuya himself.

It didn’t really go into detail on who had children and who didn’t. Before long Connie had died followed quickly by Shamil who had married her, we never really got to see if they had kids but I’m guessing they must have. Dalia and Yakov left at least two and I’m guessing that Byakuya must have had children with Lillian for her genes to have been passed down. I mean it didn’t really matter because it was trying to be sweet and not scientific and intrusive to the survivors lives but I just thought I would mention that you kind of have to overlook the fact that it didn’t seem to make much sense and the gene pool must have been a little bigger then what it looked like it was.

Also I just need to put it in your mind that Byakuya probably had sex with Lillian because I’m just like that OK?

The flashbacks to the survivors slowly dying off were interwoven with the Villagers celebrating and coming together. Even Gen was let into the village to celebrate.

Of course we also learn how the series is going to end.

Tsukasa is on his way and it is time the Tsukasa Empire and Empire of Science face off against each other.

It also means that hopefully we’ll see Taiju again because he really was what kept this season going for me at the beginning and it has been so long since we last saw him. I’m happy it looks like it’ll all come together for the end.

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