The Hero is Invincible But “Too Cautious” : This Hero is Too Self-Serving

Episode 3

Kono yūsha wa migatte sugiru” (この勇者は身勝手すぎる)

The show had a week off but we jump straight back into watching Seiya training away to become the most over powered Hero to ever have Hero’d…

If he’ll stop training long enough to Hero that is.

I don’t know if this episode worked for me.

So let me start by saying I get it, I get what the joke is meant to be and the first two episodes very much worked for me.

That one week gap though honestly killed all these jokes dead for me.

It sounds a silly thing to say but it is just the truth. I guess waiting that extra week built that tiny bit more expectation for what was coming and then it was a bog standard episode three, which in itself isn’t a bad thing, but those jokes didn’t hit the same note because you had to wait that extra week for more the same.

Which I get is a problem with me and not the show.

I really didn’t like any of the training stuff, Cerceus was a great character and him being scared of Seiya wasn’t a terrible thing but it felt like it went on too long and made Seiya come over as being much more nasty then he needed to come over as. Seeing him basically pummel a helpless God wasn’t funny and really wasn’t necessary.

By the time we actually got to the town of Seimul you kind of just second guessed what was going to happen.

He’d buy a lot of supplies, win whatever battle it was that he was going to be in and destroy something all the while insulting all the people around him.

Fine, it is episode 3 and this is just cementing the character of Seiya but it looks like the show is very bluntly telling us that Seiya isn’t necessarily going to be the character that “grows” as such. Sure he turned away Mash and Elulu but if they hang around he’ll probably show a softer side at some point because we’ve already seen that he has a empathetic side TO A POINT but that won’t be character growth that’ll just be something that is kind of hidden in the background so the jokes about him being a bastard can continue.

Would this episode have worked if I had seen it last week?

I think it might have still felt a little stale at this point but I think I would have at least managed a smile or two during it. I think because every other show has been so strong, even if I’m not enjoying it the stories have at least been strong enough to give me a strong reaction, that this one just felt like… Why bother coming back to it?

It isn’t the episodes fault and it isn’t mine but after a week off it felt like it came back in the most boring and uninteresting of ways.

Again which is strange because it introduced two new characters, gave us a look at a interesting enough battle between 10000 undead and the demon Deathmagla and also did its best to be funny.

It just didn’t work.

At all.

Not in the slightest.

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