No Guns Life : Puppet

Episode 3

Ayatsuri ningyō” (操り人形)

Now that Tetsuro is awake and seemingly fitted with new extensions to help him be more human once more it might be time we learnt a little more about what is happening in this world.

All we know is it isn’t going to be safe for Juzo anymore.

There is just nothing nice that ever happens in this anime and I think I really like that there isn’t anything nice in it. Everything is dark, grimy and gloomy but sometimes that is just what life is all about.

So much happened.

We didn’t really learn much more from Tetsuro then we already knew and I don’t think there is much more to learn anyway. His only addition is that he wasn’t the only child that was being experimented on but we didn’t even need him to really explain that as later in the episode we meet Anne and Ende who are being used to hunt Tetsuro down by using the Extended power thrust on Ende by Beruhren in a experiment.

I think it is interesting how Beruhren went after Tetsuro though, they seemed to know that he’d just appear if they attacked kids and they were right. Him taking over Juzo with his Harmony power actually for me was unexpected which is strange because it seems such a logical thing for the kid to do if Juzo didn’t do as he wanted and it wasn’t even in a nasty way.

You totally just get it right?

Like he hears how others are suffering in his place so he wants Juzo to help just Juzo isn’t going to help for no reason and no reward so instead of learning the lesson that Juzo is trying to teach he uses his extremely powerful power to take over Juzo and go after the culprits himself. All the time he has to lug his body with him and even ends up having to hide his face because he can’t totally use the body but others are very aware of how important getting their hands on Juzo and taking him apart might be.

It ended up being interesting not just because of the story which was horrific and carries on into the next episode with Tetsuro hopefully being able to help Anne and Ende in some way, but because it changed up the dynamic of the main character for the episode with Juzo no longer in control of himself.

Really enjoyed it.

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