High School Prodigies Have it Easy Even in Another world : It Seems Tsukasa has resolved to Change the World!

Episode 4

Tsukasa wa isekai o kaeru kakugo o kimeta yōdesu!” (司は異世界を変える覚悟を決めたようです!)

The show has got super serious super fast, it hasn’t bothered to wait and let the characters get their bearings in fact the characters themselves are about to turn the world upside down and create a new world in their stead.

Personally I’m in two minds about whether or not I like how fast they’ve dived into “making this world a better place” by bringing it up to date with our civilisation.

There can be no question that putting a more democratic political structure into work is a better thing but Tsukasa ask’s the villagers of Elm, who are all up in arms about the kidnapped Lyrule, if they mind them jumping their world 500 years into the future and I don’t think that is a fair thing to do.

That being said I’m basing that on my view of the world and obviously Tsukasa’s intent is a world where a Lord won’t kill a entire village because they dared to make money and then kidnap one of the villagers to be their sex toy which I am 100% behind.

As I said this show has become super serious already and I really like that about it.

It didn’t hold back on making your skin crawl in this episode either as the Lord manhandles Lyrule who has been told to basically be his whore and no one else will be hurt. Like that literally is a conversation that happens in this episode.

That wasn’t the only way it went dark.

My favourite scene from the entire episode and maybe the series so far was when Prince Akatsuki joins the battle, floating in the air with his normal cheesy music playing in the background until he looks down at the battle and see’s the very dead people on the ground. That fade of his music and the look of panic on his face even if it wasn’t for long was just perfect and maybe shows that he’ll get a bit of development somewhere down the line because this revolution he’s now apart of is going to end up being a fight and he seems the least equipped to do any fighting.

Plus when it isn’t just a local Lord and a local Mage he’ll be shown up as a illusionist and then what?

It was a episode that showed Tsukasa’s ability to lead, just how good Ringo is at inventing stuff at short notice from the materials around her but also the heart of Elm village and maybe just the world around them. It is easy to forget that we’re looking at villages that are being abused and whilst they keep a healthy and positive outlook on their lives it takes one little thing for a Lord to destroy their entire lives. These villagers didn’t need to wait for things to save their lives they would have marched into the castle and killed themselves to save one of their people because they don’t want to be looked down at.

I mean that was a really strong, sad and yet amazing look at the characters that have been kind of hanging about in the background.

It is also a reason I’m not too bothered that it feels like the Seven are forcing their world views on them.

Well it also helps that none of the seven are actually bad people either so their views are of equality and building a better place.

Why it doesn’t bother me though is that it isn’t like they have come in and just taken over, they have but the characters aren’t just following them blindly. If Tsukasa had his way and they just listened to him then they would have just gone back to business as usual and left Lyrule to her fate but they didn’t want that so Tsukasa was able to organise them and help them. Whilst I don’t think Winona or Elk are going to get many story lines or any real development other then growing into this new world I like that they don’t just feel like they follow whatever seven strangers tell them to do blindly.

They are being allowed to see them help their village and change the world and can either help or withdraw their help.

This storming of the castle and the advancement of civilisation happened BECAUSE they want it and BECAUSE regardless of what the seven did they were going to go out of their way to fight for their rights. The seven just gave them better means to do it.

Oh and whoever summounded the seven was able to possess Lyrule and talk to Tsukasa briefly but that isn’t really that important in this episode other then confirming that they have been summouned and that there is a literal dragon eating the country or more likely it is a metaphor for the government slowly killing the country with its barbaric laws and such.

Great episode.

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