Hataage! Kemono-Michi : Demon Girl x Part-Time Job

Episode 4

Majū × Baito” (魔獣 × バイト)

I’ve gone from not being sure about this to enjoying my weekly look into the life of a total moron like Genzo. It is a relaxing 20 odd minutes of head shaking and giggling.

I liked that there was a little more to it this week too.

Shigure, just like the show I guess, has grown on me a lot and she’s become kind of the straight leading role. Whilst she still has her quirks she’s much more grounded and she’s working hard whilst the others… Are basically just their quirks.

Her story can lead one of two ways, based on the type of show it is I feel like she’ll basically stay the same and the comedy will come from her having to bail them out or just not understanding how she’s ended up with so many weirdos around her which is fine but they have a good opportunity to also build Genzo as a character by at some point even in a comedic way having her just put her hands up and say she’s through.

Without her the group fall apart right now.

That being said I kind of like that at the moment it is just a one and done short story revolving around a different Beast that Genzo is obsessed with. Episodes are held together a little tighter by there being a theme to them and the main story is starting to kick back in with the Princess hunting down Genzo after humiliating her and the actual bad guys finally looking as if they’ll make their move.

That being said I just enjoy the craziness.

Even the jokes I thought would become tiresome don’t and still pop me every single time they happen. I can’t help but love when Genzo goes berserk on someone just for Shigure to pick up their weapon or for him to get fed up of Camilla and attack her.

In fact my favourite moment of this episode was when he was told to save her and his response was “she hasn’t got fur, or ears or a tail and doesn’t pay rent… Leave her” or something along those lines. It literally had me howling with laughter.

Maybe it can do with a bit more to it but personally I’m happy with the way it is if I’m honest with you.

Still makes me laugh.

The entire Part Time Job part of the episode was actually super well executed too. I nearly just didn’t talk about it but I really loved how simple it was but how funny it all was, to then have them have to explain how their jobs went wrong just again was perfectly pitched. Even the banker coming and asking about the loan and Genzo just saying he forgot like it was no big deal just made me laugh.

If you need cheering up this is the show for you honestly.

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