Assassins Pride : Beyond the Critical Point

Episode 3

Rinkai ten no Kanata ni” (臨界点の彼方に)

Another show that just keeps getting better, now that Melida has found her mana and shown it off to the world it is time for the world to change for her.

You have to feel for Melida really.

Not only did her family want her dead because she was a bastard now they want to possibly kill both her and Elise to make her a Paladin. No one in that family care about either girl as we also saw whoever it was that was looking after Elise decide that she would have to make her stand out at the Festival so instead of wearing the same outfit that every other girl was wearing they had one specially made for her.

I’m not sure this episode was needed right now it felt too much after what had only just happened. It also had a bit too much going on what with Melida and her feelings for Kufa, finding out about Lancanthropes, finding out more about Kufa, more meddling by the Angel family and then the ending which… OK the ending itself was fine but it was just another bit in a episode full of little bits and pieces that got tiring to try and figure out.

Even so I really enjoyed the episode as much as I could when I wasn’t trying to concentrate on what was happening I just feel like it could have done with a episode to let things settle.

Like always the action scenes were really cool, specially Kufa’s transformation after getting injured. Melida’s never give up attitude whilst always present makes it hard for you to ever not feel for her, that is probably the biggest strength the show has is that it very easily makes you love Melida and feel for her.

As I said though it was a lot to process and instead of feeling like I had understood what was happening I feel like I’m a little more lost in this world.

Now we have another person in Kufa’s guild showing up to investigate what is going on and whether or not both Melida and Kufa need to be killed. Along with all that apparently Melida let off a Paladin aura at some point in the episode too which makes everything even more confusing.

All I want from this anime is by the end of it to 100% know whether or not Melida is a bastard.

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