Ascendance of a Bookworm : Forests and Clay Tablets

Episode 4

Hajimete no Mori to Nendo ban” (初めての森と粘土板)

I feel like I’m on a quest myself right now.

A quest to find out if this show can actually give us a episode where Main actually feels grateful for a second chance at life.

Instead of being dead, which is what she really is, being alive with people who love and care for her instead of throwing that love back in the faces of people and being up her own ass the entire episode.

The answer being no.

In fact I feel like the show is trying to cheat us out of actually fixing the problem with the main character by having her say that she now accepts life here as long as she has her books.

For the first time I really had to fight the urge to honestly turn the show off and just not come back to it at all. It really was a struggle.

This episode started with her being a pain in the ass right from the beginning and I couldn’t stand the fact that she just doesn’t really know her place in the world.

Fine I get it she’s a adult stuck in a child’s body and seemingly comes from a place in her former life where she as so perfect that she can do just about everything. Fine I get that. It doesn’t make her any less insufferable when she turns her nose up on the culture she now finds herself in or tries to one up adults. She doesn’t actually speak to anyone with anything coming close to respect or compassion and just looks down on everyone, even Otto who she cares for because he gives her something she wants she looks down on.

For the first time ever someone actually speaks up about her selfish behaviour but because he seems to be smitten with her, this being Lutz, he goes ahead and helps her instead of telling her to listen to her father.

Thing is not only is she just disrespectful to her entire family, the entire culture of this world and anyone she comes into contact with the thing that makes me incapable of liking her one bit is that she’s disrespectful to Main herself.

Main is frail and whilst it is nice that she listened to her father and started building up strength and stamina ONLY BECAUSE SHE NEEDED TO IF SHE WANTED TO GO TO THE FOREST she still doesn’t do enough to look after this body which resulted in her having about 3 different fevers in this episode alone.

Sure Main is smart but she’s overbearingly rude, obnoxious and irritating. She thinks she knows better then everyone and everything and in many ways compares these parents who are struggling to make a living and look after their kids to her own mother in her old life and nothing they do is good enough.

Still at least she doesn’t get everything her own way.

There is obviously something strange going on with her as she seemed to tap into some kind of magic when she got really upset with Fey and the other kid for breaking her first set of tablets, that again just ended up being another nail in the coffin of Main I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget. In the end even when they finally get the tablets just the way she wants them because she doesn’t ACTUALLY know everything just the basics of how things work she messes it up and causes them to explode when trying to bake them.


She still turns her nose up at every single occupation that her parents try to move her towards when actually some of them might have helped her with the two projects she has now failed.

Please don’t start any more episodes with Main being so smug else I will honestly stop watching.

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