After School Dice Club : Midori’s Dream

Episode 4

Midori no Yume” (ミドリの夢)

If there was ever a episode that was important to watch it probably is this one. A episode that poured so much love into the Table Top Gaming community it honestly made me cry.

I’ve said before that I always wanted to get into Table Top Gaming but didn’t because of anxiety reasons and the lack of friends and people to play with but this episode really touched me because it fought against a lot of stereotypes that people have about not just Table Top Gaming but Geek culture in general.

Liking things in general.

The idea that something only has value if you yourself can see the value.

Midori’s character is always the cool headed one so it makes sense that the attack was directed at her. Her dream is to be a game author and at the end of the episode they kind of explain a little of the history of gaming and game authors for the audience but her dream and her very hobby were attacked by someone that kind of is a friend but came across as being a horrible person who just doesn’t really understand her own goal in life.

Even after losing to a game of 6 Nimmt! Ren, the vice chair person of the student council who had come to Midori for help, couldn’t see past her own thoughts when it came to gaming and instead of probably coming to the idea that maybe to make their school festival unique and work to her goal of seeing everyone happy she should just hold a gaming festival storms out of the office still acting like Midori’s dream was ridiculous.

Thing is it isn’t.

Midori is right throughout the episode where she talks about how games bring people together, bridging gaps in our society whether it be age or language or anything else.

That extends outside of just Table Top Gaming and into Gaming in general.

To hobbies and interests in general.

It was a very positive message to not just have a character say but to have them prove and not budge from. It stuck up for something that a lot of people even in this day when Geek culture is seen as cool to many as something that only those without a life do or as something that wastes time but has no meaning.

The simple message is just because you don’t see value in something doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value to someone else.

I have a feeling we’ll be revisiting the school festival and that gaming is going to be the way that they sort it out but I’m happy that Midori stuck up for herself and her dreams and Ren was left leaving in a huff.

6 Nimmt just like all the other games seems real fun as well, it took less time really focused on the game which was a nice change and kind of needed. Whilst the last few episodes have seen people’s views on things change through the game they are playing or important stories played out through them I think the right thing in this episode was to have Ren NOT change her mind. We saw her enjoying gaming and kind of coming around to it in her head, seeing some of the value that Midori see’s in them but I think it is nice that they don’t just have games win the day every day.

Again if you want to know more about 6 Nimmt! you can take a look HERE but I’m really looking forward to seeing if they revisit Ren in the future and how she changes from this interaction with the girls.

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