Fire Force : The Trap is Set

Episode 13

Shikumareta Wana” (仕組まれた罠)

It was a emotional episode that I reviewed yesterday but boy is it getting good as it looks like the White Hoods might just be driving Companies 7 and 8 together.


I’ll have to wait and see though as the plan by the White Hoods is in full effect and boy was this another emotional episode.

This whole doppelganger thing is even more heart breaking then you’d think as the White Hoods have caused everyone in the district to be incapable of trusting each other, Arthur being a idiot is able to see through the disguise of one guy but when the White Hoods start fires and start turning themselves and probably civilians into Infernal’s the entire district is just running for their lives and unable to trust or understand what is going on.

It is honestly such a sad episode.

Watching as Benimaru does his best to piece together what is happening, unable to help and just wandering around lost but still finding the time to help someone who had turned Infernal was so sad to watch. Konro coming to terms with the fact that everyone needs to be led by Benimaru and climbing up high to find him just leaves me super worried that something bad is going to happen to him next.

Then there is the archer and a big dude who by the end of the episode has turned himself into a Infernal that are attacking Shinra and Arthur.

Everything is just happening but again unlike every other story this one feels like it has been given time to grow and it has been pretty emotional.

Both Benimaru and Konro are wonderful characters, the old lady made you see just how important their way of life is but seeing the two of them and hearing their story just makes this whole thing even better. Knowing that there might be innocent people whose last thoughts are that they hope that Benimaru puts them to rest when in reality they should be home just living their life is super sad, knowing how Benimaru see’s his position and where his heart is just makes me want to cry.

As for the White Hoods just seeing that they themselves don’t mind losing their life if it means winning this war is sad.

Everything is sad.

It was such a powerful episode though and shows the strength of the series when it lets stories build, this is going to be what the fourth episode in Company 7s district next week? That feels like more episodes then they gave for 5 and 1 together. Even Tamaki had character development.

Yes, instead of being there for her Lucky Lechery in a serious situation we learn she’s learning the prayer that Iris uses and there are 0 “funny” moments with her.

Don’t get me wrong again when the funny is used right like with Arthur and Shinra it works but sometimes Tamaki’s for me misses the mark and there is a lot her character has to offer and oh my did it deliver in this one. In a situation that really deserved the respect it was given we see that she’s incorporating herself into the way that Company 8 looks at the world and I really loved her character in this episode.

This episode just proved what this show can be when it gets everything right.

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