Dr. Stone : A Tale for the Ages

Episode 16

Ikusen-nen Monogatari” (幾千年物語)

So the story of how Senku saved Ruri is over and now it is time for his reward.

His Kingdom of Science and some answers.

Honestly I can not tell you how much I really enjoyed the explanation to how people are already alive in this Stone World.

It turns out that there were a bunch of people, including Senku’s dad, in space when everything happened. None of them were super smart or could keep a entire civilisation running on their own but they had enough skills to keep themselves and others alive and carry on humanity.

For me that was the super smart way of doing it.

Watching them watching the world turn into what it turned into was actually really unsettling in a good way. It hit home that these were all people and for a change we looked at it from a different perspective and this one was kind of sad.

I think I never really thought about the fact that the people who wake up, as long as Tsukasa hasn’t destroyed the person before they get to them, they can always wake a mum or dad, brother or sister or just about anyone they want up because EVERYONE had been petrified. Now we know that isn’t that case.

Six people not only survived but watched as it happened and had to return to earth with enough skills to survive but not enough to create their own drugs or stop the world turning into a waste land. Of course in their life time they might not have seen the city being ruined or ran out of supplies but they didn’t have the skills to pass on so that these things could just carry on and with only six people they would have had to have chosen ONE place to go populate and even then they would never see too many people in their lifetime. Look at how small the village is and that is after a millennia or two with such a small sample of people to start with.

They would have lived with the ever present faces of those who had been turned to stone.

Not only that but going back to the fact that anyone waking up now could possibly just wake their entire family up in a blink of a eye and carry on life with their family from the moment they were all petrified the one person who can’t is Senku.

Senku’s dad is dead.

It is that simple.

Senku’s father survived but that also means that he is dead and whilst I doubt Senku will get too upset about it at the end of the day it is just a very sad thing to think about.

Up to this point we had no idea what Senku’s dad was doing, maybe he always kind of guessed his father wouldn’t have been petrified due to him being in space, maybe he thought that he had been petrified in space so just knew he’d never see him again, but here we have it as fact that his father not only survived but came back to earth and helped create the small group that has ended up being this village that Senku is now in charge of.

Whilst he wasn’t able to pass down anything scientific or keep the world the way it was he was able to create a community that his son not only now is in charge of but that have been telling stories about him since the very beginning.

It was a clever way of doing things, it was a sweet way of doing things and it was a fun way of tying everything together.

Honestly thought it was super fun.

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