Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! : Didn’t I Say to Make My Graduation Plain and Simple?!

Episode 3

Sotsugyō wa Jimi ni tte Itta yo ne!” (卒業は地味にって言ったよね!)

We’re back with Mile and her attempts to be average in this new world when she’s actually… Pretty over powered to not really thinking through what she was asking for.

Poor Mile.

Again it was just perfectly played.

Mile just seemingly has no luck and walks randomly into the very situations she doesn’t want to be in. After training her party up they have to go one on one with a B Rank team which just so happens to be the team they beat up in the first episode, each of them have now been trained to above B Rank anyway thanks to Mile being over powered in the first place so easily win and then because Pauline has a business mind she’s selling figures of the group that she mass produced from the ones that Mile makes and now they are basically Idol Hunters.

It was just the perfect way of driving Mile crazy once more.

That being said I kind of can’t wait till the episode where it all clicks that everything Mile wanted she’s now got.

She has friends who have her back, even now they have graduated they are going to be a party and they seemingly enjoy hearing about the things that Mile enjoyed in Japan… Just obviously they are “made up tales from made up Japan” not “here is my life from before I was here so enjoy.” She doesn’t have to be average to have the life she wants because she really has that life.

It’ll be fun watching her come to terms with it especially because after this showing they will be famous no matter what.

Specially after their Magical Girl like speech at the end, chanted in unison with colourful smoke going off behind them.

That really is going to last in the memory.

Again the show in many ways is doing what Ascendance of a Bookworm isn’t.

Whilst that show has ONE character to make us love and want to get behind this one has FOUR and it has done it in such a better way. Mile actually has reason to be upset that her wish, no matter how silly the loophole is, isn’t granted but she tackles life in a fun and optimistic way that just makes you love her. The situations she gets into obviously have to be comedic but she’s a likeable character with a story you want to follow and hopes succeed.

Sure the world is still a little on the foreign side but that doesn’t really matter at the moment because it feels like we’ve been given that chance to find out feet and get to know the girls in such a way that we’ll just slowly understand the world as we continue to live in it.

Episodes don’t feel 20 minutes long and you are always left wanting more which is how shows really should be.

It doesn’t need a big climatic ending or a cliffhanger to make you come back it leaves you with those feel good feelings and you want to run back to the next episode (says the person who has been so behind on everything she’s had to wait three days to see it) as soon as its available.

Truly love this series.

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