Vinland Saga : After Yule

Episode 15

Yuru no Ato” (冬至祭ユルのあと)

After such a horrific episode we will continue to watch as Canute slowly makes his way back to his father.

I always think that the last episode can’t be beaten and then I’m proven wrong.

No matter what it is that Vinland Saga is doing it does it so well it is unbelievable. In two episodes we’ve gone from the slaughter of a entire village, nearly, to a much more impactful murder in this episode. More lore and backstory has been piled up on us and our paths are once more shrouded because who actually knows what path Askeladd will take now.

It also shows the strength of the series as a whole when this episode manages to have one death in it yet it probably is one of the most important deaths the series has had so far.

We continue to have to dive into the psyche of Askeladd just to come up with the answer that he’s just a bit of a dick all round. Sure he could have killed Thorfinn and didn’t, in some twisted way becoming a father figure to him and letting him grow to the angry young man he is, he also is doing what Vikings and Pirates do best so it isn’t like he’s out of character for either yet we see this sneaky side to a character that you always think if you peel back enough layers has a giant heart.

Does he?

Who knows because Askeladd will continue to forever be a mystery to me.

Just everything about the episode built up to the moment that we find out that the biggest threat Canute has is his own father, just little moments like Canute cooking to listening to Thorkell go on and on about wanting to win things helped build what will be the next chapter for all these characters.

To the Danes it seems more like a game.

This was Canute’s actual life though and suddenly it isn’t even that it is in any more or less danger then it was it just became a little less warm and much darker.

What I’m trying to say is that this episode was one of the best so far and just one small death can change the entire tide of the show in seconds. It shows you the true colour of some, decides the fate of many and puts down a path in history that no one thought they were going to have to take.

It was a really good episode.

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