The Anxiety Experiment #5 : Bear With Me Episode 3

Well… Yeah.

So I did this…

Straight after the last video I posted as a blog on here but then the blog for this episode just kind of ended up in my drafts as my physical pain started to get worse and my ability to do anything disappeared. So here it is, late as always but also the only thing I’ve kind of done because it has been painful to talk which means no streaming.

I can’t even really relate to you how I felt, I think because my internet had stabilized and everything was slowly going really well I just felt motivated to finish the main game once and for all. Not only because it made sense specially after having to take so many attempts to do the second game but because I really at this point wanted to play Stardew Valley so bad.

When my tooth started to hurt and I couldn’t do anything but lie around being miserable I started to play Banished which might actually be another game I want to play on stream at some point.

It really is a shame that I had to stop doing it when I did because I had started to feel real comfortable, since it went up my friend came back to work after his holiday and listened and said that I sounded really uninterested in everything which made me boring which is criticism I took to heart and wanted to do better unfortunately I haven’t been able to even attempt to do better yet thanks to my mouth and now because I have a screaming 10 year old in the house until Sunday.

I think I might ease myself back into it next week by starting a new farm or village in either Stardew or Banished or maybe even just picking something else up that I can play in the background whilst just having a chat to myself about anime or something. Not sure there is too much I can change about my voice as I have a annoying and pretty down voice most of the time but we can have a try can’t we.

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