Fire Force : Eve of Hostilities in Asakusa

Episode 12

Asakusa Kaisen Zenya” (浅草開戦前夜)

So yeah somewhere down the line this show got a little forgotten, I’m pretty sure it took a week off and I just forgot about it which I’m very sorry because I actually really like it but I fully remember where we left off which was meeting Benimaru of Company 7.

It was such a good episode to that I’m sad it fell under the radar.

One problem I have had with this series is that, like a few from last season, everything seemed rushed. We were meeting cool people and good stories were happening but they weren’t given time to build and to mean anything to us before being over.

This isn’t happening with Benimaru and the 7th.

It just feels like they honestly are trying to give it time to breath and I like that. Specially as first impressions of Benimaru and the 7th could be rough, specially as you don’t really know who the good guys and bad guys are so seeing a Captain go out of his way to destroy part of his town to defeat a Infernal must have been difficult to process.

That being said this episode gives you not even a second thought on where Benimaru’s loyalties lie as he loses his shit when the White Hoods trick him into thinking that the 8th were the ones to turn Kantaro into a Infernal.

For the first time it feels like they have given a character the time and development he honestly deserves because whilst the story isn’t the best I actually teared up at the end of the episode hearing Konro talk about how he over heated himself to save Benimaru, remembering the conversation they had earlier and the love and respect that Benimaru has for Konro. It was truly one of the best stories told in the series so far.

Not only that but it was backed up by one of the coolest fights so far and again we got to see how super cool and strong not only Benimaru is but Obi too.

As this episode wasn’t just about showing off Benimaru but once more showing that Obi truly would lay his life down for his Company even though out of all the people there he hasn’t got any powers at all.

I feel like hopefully when Benimaru gets the conformation about the 8th going to the store and not being in the alley as well as probably having to deal with what the White Hoods have planned this is going to lead to a even better bond between two of my favourite Companies, whilst I love the two left in 1st and am coming around to the 5th I just honestly love the 7th and would love for Benimaru…

You know what I would just love for Benimaru to have someone have his back like he obviously needs. He doesn’t feel like he deserves to be Captain, he obviously blames himself for what happened to his friend and he needs the 8th to be there for him and to actually feel included in society and be seen for the Hero he is because that is Benimaru’s problem.

He literally would have killed the entirety of Company 8 for daring to think about hurting his district, his district made up of people who absolutely adore him and would rather have their homes destroyed once a day if it meant that Benimaru was putting someone to rest then have anything else in this world.

Of all the Captains, of all the Companies of everyone we’ve met in this damn show Benimaru is a freakin’ Hero and deserves to be protected and cared for by others.

He needs to be understood and I hope this whole story leads to him being understood.

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