Dr. Stone : The Culmination of Two Million Years

Episode 15

Ni-hyaku-man-nen no Kesshō” (200万年の結晶)

[EDIT : Anna here, 100% my fault this review didn’t go out sooner, I saw that Episode 16 was ready to go out before tomorrow’s episode airs then realised that I never published this one which has actually been ready for a week. Fire Force I actually forgot about Luc didn’t forget this I just forgot to press publish. Sorry!]

Chrome won in what was a battle of brute force and science. Of course science won. Science will always win.

Because the main character is a scientist so why wouldn’t it?

Plus this doesn’t seem the type of show to have the bully win then… Kill one of the main characters sisters…

I mean I’m joking obviously and it isn’t even like Chrome even wins, in the end it turns out that he passes out whilst waiting for Senku’s match with a ridiculously stupid Genro to end.

It was really the culmination of the entire story since arriving at this village with the tournament pretty much over all that was left was for Senku to go on his way and make his drug… And the Cola for Gen, he didn’t forget the Cola for Gen either.

Such a feel good episode all around that ended with us finding out that the entire village was named after him I guess, or at least has his surname which begs the question again of just who woke up before him or indeed what happened for this village to become a thing.

We’ll talk about that in a minute though.

I think I really like how they handled the Sulfa Drug stuff, it has been fun watching them slowly make it and my only negative is that they don’t usually give you a good indication of how much time is passing. Other then the fact that it has been half a year and it only manages to feel like a few days it was a journey that really took you somewhere and meant something so seeing Ruri finally able to leave the village and enjoy herself was pretty feel good.

What I don’t think I liked is that the female guard she has whilst obviously right in a way never kind of got called out for being way too over the top.

I would have liked to have seen something explained when it comes to her if I’m honest. She just seemed to be so in your face all the time and so anti everything and whilst I guess she’s just doing her job it would have been nice to have had a little bit of a explanation to why she seemed so against everything that might help Ruri.

Also even with Senku now village chief the fact that he “divorced” Ruri and can now basically shape the village to his whim means that Chrome and Ruri can still end up together hopefully.

What is really important now though is that we’re going to learn about the Village.

Ruri knows Senku’s name, the village shares his surname so these stories that the Priestess has to have learnt must relate to him so we MUST be learning something of either the villages history or at least what happened after the big events that turned everyone to stone.

I mean I’ve been interested in all the stories the show has told so far but of course solving a bit of the mysteries the show has thrown at us is a big thing for me, I want to see at least some of the questions answered and now that Ruri is fine and the village don’t see Senku as a outsider it seems to be time for some answers.

Are we ready for them though?

Is Senku?

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