Anime Highlights Week 41

14th – 20th October 2019

For a change we’re up to date with the highlights, the new season is in full swing and the remaining shows from last season are continuing to shine. What have we got in store for us this week?!

Also the reason this week’s reviews came out in one big bunch over the weekend was because I had to have a tooth removed, I was in agony from Tuesday-Friday when I finally got it pulled and was only up for doing anything on Saturday.

The very final highlight is a giant spoiler for episode 15 of Vinland Saga by the way so if you haven’t watched it yet looking at a very late highlight blog of last week don’t read it. You’ve been warned, its after Company 7.


Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average might have the hold on heart warming, fuzzy friendships this season. With Episode 2 seeing the three girls that Mile befriended then ran from just to be put in a dorm with them later doing their best to get her to open up.

Of course there are other reasons they want her to do so but even though they have slight motives that aren’t friend related you couldn’t escape the fact that…

They are all wonderful friends and I’m so happy for Mile and they are so precious and wholesome.

In Kemono Michi there is also a new friend with Hanako joining Genzo and co. Their friendship is as wholesome as it can get between a guy that is in love with all animals and half animals and a half dragon that wants to eat everything.

Again though it is a wholesome and wonderful friendship between two weirdos who end up running around the place in masks trying not to look like perverts.

What more can you ask?

Well for better friends then Melina in Assassins Pride has.

The constant reminder that Nerva is her “friend” to justify Nerva being allowed to bully her was nauseating. It is a proper bully tactic that just makes your blood boil and was used in such a good way that you just kind of wanted to drown Nerva in a toilet.

In a week where Friendship is the number one highlight for me Nerva used the word as a weapon to terrorize someone for simply not being as good as it seems that Nerva wanted her to be or society in general thinks she should be.

Even Fire Force ended the story it started last week about the friendship between Konro and Benimaru, cementing what good guys they are as well as giving us a reason to understand why the entire district under their command love them the way they do.

Of course that was the end of their story so far this episode technically showed us the growing friendship between Arthur and Shinra who just don’t like each other much but have to figure out how to work together to defeat their foe.

Now that was hilarious whilst the other two just make me want to cry.


I really like Mile as a character.

No really I do.

Her attempts at hiding the fact she’s probably the second strongest creature in this world are always hilarious, her ditsyness when she totally forgets and hides behind the nervous stammering of “it’s a family secret” just makes me beam every time.

I love how every attempt to be just a normal average person shows her up for the over powered beast she is.

From sword fighting to magic she can’t hide it. Whether it be someone upsetting her by mentioning her chest or just her not thinking and pulling everything in the world out of her pocket using a storage spell it is just so funny to see her try so hard and fail usually because she’s a air head.

I love her so much. She’s precious and must be protected!

Or. Be. Amazing.

Whilst Mile is out there trying to be average and live a normal life the seven Prodigies who have found themselves in another world are out there to be amazing in their own way.

Which includes winning a trade war, saving the Mayors life and killing a bear.

In this weeks episode unfortunately being amazing seemingly has gotten them into a spot of trouble but that doesn’t stop them from going forward and being amazing. In fact being amazing might be what gets them out of trouble again later on.


So I mean this is a thing every week right?

Again as you keep hearing though I was in a lot of pain all week so I watched a good few shows without making any highlights or even receiving any from Luc so I kind of have gone to one thing I know really did happen and was really good in a few things just to generalize unfortunately because pain = no good ideas.

Genzo will fight anything. Whether it is someone upsetting him, someone who wants to kill some animal or just to assert dominance, Genzo will fight. Watching him suplex the heck out of random people for nothing more then calling him a nickname or upsetting him makes me laugh every time and it isn’t getting old yet.

Luc talked at length in No Guns Life about how the dramatic fight scenes in that were always on point and again that is true, nothing better then watching Juzo destroy the Extended’s that were holding him down as he was told the truth about Tetsuro and why he was being used as a Guinea Pig.

My favourite fight scene in the week though might have been from Assassin’s Pride.

It was pretty much one of the biggest and most dramatic and it actually took a great portion of the episode but it was more then just a good looking fight, well executed, it was the culmination of years of bullying and years of now obvious neglect. Finally Melida is able to stand up for herself against Nerva and fight back.

Whilst the fight might have seen that Melida has a lot more ability then she probably should have only having just unlocked her ability to use Mana it was about putting a bully to rights and trying to gain the attention of her father who continued to be cold towards her.

It was a brilliant episode.

Even Make My Abilities Average saw the girls fighting rabbit like creatures!

Again Fire Force is not one to be left behind and they had a wonderful fight sequence with Arthur and Shinra against the hooded guy and the archer, it saw them failing to work together before coming up with a good plan.

It was a good use of funny stuff and serious fighting which sometimes Fire Force doesn’t get right but this time out it really did.

Plus the fights in this show can just be really cool because of all the different ways that they use fire in the fights. Every single person has different abilities and watching the different ways that their abilities work is great.

Here come the negative Bookworm Rant….

So highlights don’t have to be positive and here is a negative.

Why can’t Myne ever be called out?

Why can’t Myne ever be wrong?

It is starting to get to me that whilst of course the things she is doing and making are helpful and therefore her mum and her sister aren’t going to be totally mad at her for doing these things there are times I feel the mum should be questioning how her daughter knows how to make shampoo or pancakes when THEY LITERALLY DON’T EXIST IN THIS WORLD AND SHE’S BEEN DYING OF FEVER MOST OF HER LIFE!

It is starting to get to me that Myne not only thinks she’s better then the world she’s ended up in but the shows entire plot revolves around the fact that she is in fact better and won’t ever fail.

Sure she can’t make Papyrus but instead of giving up and then having to learn a skill from her sister she out does her sister because OF COURSE she learnt how to do that in her real life.

Of course she did.

Of course her real life mum taught her EVERYTHING.

Myne is the biggest villain of the 2019 Fall Season.

But not a Lucky Lechery one?

I guess because I moan so much about Tamaki I have to give them credit when they do things right.

This episode not only gave us a look into what she’s doing in Company 8 but let her have a scene that didn’t need to be made into a sex thing where we got to see her work.

Tamaki can be a brilliant character if they give her a little more to do that doesn’t involve her Lucky Lechery, last episode it was fine when she picked something up and her bra fell off in a scene that was meant to be lighthearted and show the bond between the two Companies grow, this week needed her to be serious and the show gave her that respect and it really was pretty great.

I hope they get the balance right with her going forward.

Fathers in Space!

I don’t think there are enough words for Lucius to explain how much he liked how the story of Ishigami village was created but he tried with lots of fun and exciting words.

Simple highlight for me was that Senku’s father was in space, he’s cute and I loved him.

Though I do also agree that this was a very clever and fun way of explaining how Ishigami Village is a thing whilst also explaining how drugs aren’t a thing as well as pretty much anything we take for granted today the main thing I took from this episode was…

Senku’s dad = one of the best dads.


Just you know, your weekly update that Thorkell is back.

I’m a little confused though as I’m sure he joined the English because he was bored of winning so wanted a winning chance at losing but now he’s all sad because he might not win something.

I dunno.

He’s big, he’s greedy, he’s sulky and he’s my spirit animal. LOVE a bit of Thorkell.

Company 7

So I didn’t see last week’s episode (by the time this is going out it is technically the week before’s episode but you know, semantics) till this week (see last bracket thing) so I didn’t get a chance to talk about how much I love Company 7.

In the meeting I just thought they were cool.

They didn’t stand for the same as the others and came over as the obvious choices for bad guy Company. Of course they did.

When we then barged in on their territory it sadly looked like the 8th would judge them for the way they ran shop without actually listening to what the people of their District had to say.

The last two episode brought into focus not only why people feel the way they do but just who Benimaru and Konro are and why people obviously might give them massive respect.

They literally have become my favourite Company and characters because they actually super care about the people under their command and whilst they aren’t outwardly panicky or upset about what is happening you know that this is killing them. The show has done such a good job in the last few episodes to show how they feel and why they are doing what they are doing that I just absolutely adore both of them and every time I think something horrible will happen it honestly makes me stop breathing and want to cry.

Please let them be OK.

That death, that character…

I will finish this weeks highlights talking about a character that I don’t really talk about much and never really liked but didn’t realise just how important he was until he no longer was here.

Like Vinland Saga is full of really interesting and important characters, it has gone from being the story of one child’s need for revenge for his fallen father to a political mess that we learn in this episode will probably see Canute’s father try and kill him.

During all this Ragnar has annoyed the heck out of me.

He’s a Dane yet he’s turned to God and whilst it is sweet that he looks after Canute like his own it also annoys the heck out of me that he wants to pamper him and not have him grow up to be the Viking he probably should be if he is taking over the throne.

This all kind of makes a little more sense in this episode honestly.

Ragnar’s death might be one of the biggest turning points of the series. It is also the most important death so far and was by far the saddest and best put together death the series has had to date.

That is saying something seeing Thorfinn’s whole story is based on his fathers death which was pretty dramatic and sad!

Ragnar dying not only leaves Canute without anyone who truly cares for him it also brought out the truth in what is actually happening. His final wish is to tell Askeladd, the man who has killed him in a effort to “man up” the Prince, that Denmark is at war over which brother should take over the throne and it very much looks like his father Sweyn is on his brother Harald’s side and has brought Canute to England for him to be “killed in battle.”

I mean the opening scene surely shows this so I don’t doubt it. Then again to a point this is kind of also Ragnar’s fault for letting it get to the point where Canute would be seen as being not good enough for the throne.

That being said and that being sad enough this episode showed just how important Ragnar is to Canute.

The damage is done to that character in that he’s just a sweet young lad. His skill at cooking that his father doesn’t want him to have because slaves should be the ones cooking was a bonding point that showed that Ragnar really only wants what is best for the Prince. I mean we knew that but it was there for all to see.

It was Ragnar’s last moments that had me in tears though. Asking to see the Prince one last time, Askeladd saying no, so as he dies saying he wants to cook poultry with the Prince to make the King happy.

Honestly one of the best moments in any anime all year.

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