No Guns Life : Extended Remote-Control Device

Episode 2

Kakuchōtai enkaku sōsa sōchi” (拡張体遠隔操作装置)

We’re back to the super serious show about a guy with a gun for a head.


I’m not even kidding as you’ll know if you have seen it.

Again the episode mixed some small moments of comedy in with a interesting dose of old fashioned detective show and a sprinkle of Sci-Fi.

My favourite concoction at times.

It was another well balanced episode that brought drama into the life of Juzo.

Tetsuro is such a intriguing character, all the mysteries in the world seem to surround him and even though we are still living in this world that is just inexplicably weird you find yourself more interested in the mystery of why the Beruhren CEO would let his son be taken and experimenting on rather then figuring out the science behind changing someone’s head into a gun.

Honestly it is that good that two episodes in you just kind of give up on caring about the extensions and fall straight into caring about the characters and their world.

Thing is that they are able to develop these characters in a world full of action.

The show doesn’t stop to take a breath with dramatic fight scenes, even if they are over pretty fast or happen off screen in some way or the other you get this ever present feeling of danger. Juzo isn’t going to be able to walk around a free man, specially after taking Beruhren’s Guinea Pig from them, and this episode pushed that feeling up to a million when the company even confiscate all of Juzo’s favourite brand of cigarettes in order to corner him and kill him if he doesn’t agree to hand over the boy.

It was a silly scene, it helped build the world around them by explaining why the cigarettes might be so important and it introduced us to so much more whilst being a really dramatic, gritty and tension filled scene.

Yes a anime with a dude with a gun for a head had me gripped on every tiny little detail.

Every word that was spoken was important whether it was to tell us a little more about extendeds and the world they are in or what the Beruhen company is up to or who Juzo is. Everything mattered and it makes that show so much more then just some silly action show. It literally is the only show I have to pay 100% attention to every second of it because if I black out for a second I feel like I might have missed something super important.

It really is such a good show.

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