Kabukicho Sherlock : Why Not Join the Staring-At-Eye-Moles Squad?

Episode 2

Naki boku ro mitsumetai wa ikaga” (泣きぼくろ見つめ隊はいかが)

We’re back for yet another ridiculous episode of Kabukicho Sherlock that mixes all the stupid along with all the clever that you love about Sherlock.

There is a lot to like about the show.

It is hilarious but it doesn’t skimp on all the things that make Sherlock as a character great. He still is able to figure out cases in the most over the top ways and still seems to be, even in this world, the top detective.

Lets face it, Sherlock Holmes is a bit of a weirdo no matter what form we’re talking about. From the book to the BBC adaption and everything in between Sherlock Holmes is a great man with weirdness just written into his DNA so this version of him is really not that much different from any other.

What is different is the world and this world is crazy in all the best ways.

There is nothing I love more then just exploring the city or meeting new weird characters. We’ve seen what I feel is all the detectives we’re going to meet now and I like that they all seem to duck in and out of cases but are ever present in episodes so far. They all have their positives and negatives and I do wonder if by the end of the series we’ll see them all have to work together. Now that would be fun.

Also the little boy in the last episode did end up being Moriarty but what his part to play in this Sherlock’s life is so far to be seen.

This weeks case I kind of figured out a bit of it myself as it was pretty obvious that the auditions were a fake and that Saori was the one behind it all but putting together that it was to do with the bank robberies and things like that was the step that Sherlock was able to take that I couldn’t myself. It was more about introducing new detectives and Sherlock’s seriously weird view on the world though in the episode.

John getting tricked and that being his one chance shows how difficult this is all going to be for him but it is slowly bonding him and Sherlock in a way that they kind of have to do because this Sherlock more then any is so aloof that he is hard to even have in a conversation with other people.

Just a really fun show with all the bits of Sherlock I’ve always liked thrown in.

Not only that but I continue to love this version of Mrs Hudson and the entire premise of the Detectives Row. One of my favourite shows this year.

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