Fairy Gone 2 : Weeding of Back Streets

Episode 15

Uramachi no Kusahiki”  (裏町の草ひき)

I continue to have this strange relationship with Fairy Gone. There is a lot I like about the show but the pacing, story telling and main characters aren’t one of them but I keep coming back because that something… The history of the world that we get to glimpse, the politics and the actual story that is going on that we aren’t getting to hear or see are actually super good.

Honestly don’t know but I’ll keep watching I guess because I have so far.

This, this is the kind of episode I watch for.

We finally throw away needing to focus the episode on Marlya and her past, we don’t even need to have a dramatic fight scene or anything else just hanging with Dorothea doing their actual job is enough.

Why they don’t calm down and focus more on the rebellion and the work that Dorothea have to do I don’t know because it is the bond between that group, learning more about characters like Chase and Klara, seeing them interacting and working that makes the show so good.

Unfortunately this episode was really good and then it blew it in the post credit scene by giving away what happened.

It was a nice chase to find Christoph Rahn, finding him dead was a nice touch and I thought that we might be following up on this in the next episode. The arrest of Axel made sense because the Director doesn’t really like his attitude and I thought again that was a nice little moment that doesn’t mean too much and we’ll go onto having a search for who did it in the next episode.

Unfortunately you have to see the post credit scene because if you don’t then you’ll probably be left really confused why it seems that Veronica is back next episode and probably why the mystery of who killed Rahn isn’t really a mystery at all.

It is always like one step forward twenty back with this show and it is becoming tiring honestly.

The three old guys in the restaurant are slowly becoming my favourite characters along with pretty much everyone other then Maryla and unfortunately Free too. The two of them have too much baggage that they are constantly being told to leave at the door, leaves at the door just for the anime to want more EMOTION and more DRAMA so have them pick it up once more.

How many times are we going to explore Maryla and her relationship with Veronica?

Or learn what happened to Wolfran to find out that Free doesn’t know what happened?

If it isn’t Veronica then how many times are we going to have to hear people talk to Maryla about Ozz dying and how it isn’t her fault?

How many teary scenes can we stand in between really good stories that get shoved to the back for character related plots that have bored the pants off of me since day one and still, 15 episodes in, are being brought back to the forefront?

Why couldn’t this be the rest of the season?

Trying to find the rebels, keep Ray Dawn safe and fight back?

I’m saying all this based on the post credit scene and preview for next week to be honest because this episode was actually super good and I really enjoyed everything about it from the pacing to the feel good moments between the team I just hate the fact it already looks like we’re moving away from this back to the same old same old next episode.

i just want episodes with Klara, Serge and Robert. Is that too much to ask?!

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