Ascendance of a Bookworm : The Events of Winter

Episode 3

Fuyu no Dekigoto” (冬のできごと)

We jump once more into a world filled with nothing but disappointment for a overbearing, stuck up and annoying main character.

It doesn’t get any better.

Honestly I think my main problem is that the dad is so freakin’ adorable. The entire family is but the dad more so.

Like the mum and Turi kind of questioned what is happening with Myne and the only reason they stop is because the dad is so happy that she’s healthy and active he doesn’t care.

Then she treats him like trash.

Like really?


Not only is she just up her own backside 90% of the time and doing things not really for other people but to show off she throws the kindness of a man WHOSE DAUGHTER SHE’S TAKEN OVER because she doesn’t like him being clingy. She see’s how upset he gets when she praises his friend because he wants his kids to love him and then uses it against him to get her own way.

It would be cute and it would be funny if Myne wasn’t such a deplorable character.

There is no up side to her!

Sure she does nice things for others but she never uses her brain and thinks that actually maybe all these people want is Myne. She has to be better, she has to use her knowledge to prove that she’s better and even when she’s doing it for other people to be happy or to be helpful to others the writers have done such a bad job on those parts that she still comes across as doing it because she knows she’s better then everyone.

I want to see her have to be wrong sometimes.

I want to see her have to join this world and play by its rules.

She isn’t though is she?

We see that she finally learns how to make paper or get it someway and starts to write books for kids and we know she ends up with this nobleman who uses magic to read how she ended up here so we know already that something isn’t going to happen that is going to make her have to actually partake in her actual real new life.


This show is all about Myne being special when she isn’t at all.

Everyone loves her because she’s a cute little sister that has always been ill and suddenly is coming up with really cool ideas or can make really cool things and its cute because she’s Myne and who doesn’t love Myne?

I’ll tell you who Myne doesn’t love herself. Urano hates the life she’s leading now, she hates her family and the world she’s in and she hasn’t had to integrate herself into that world because she is hiding behind being a frail little girl when in reality she’s a snobbish adult.


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