After School Dice Club : Not Alone

Episode 3

Hitori to Chau Kara” (ひとりとちゃうから)

Another week and another table top game to play. What is it this week? What story will go along with it?

Honestly that is what I really enjoy about the series. I know I am on the line when it comes to whether or not this will work all season long but I do like that each game does seem to have a story playing behind it.

This week it was introducing the character of Maki, I doubt Maki or Aya’s sister are going to be super important but Maki ended up being important to Miki’s past in a way you wouldn’t suspect. This entire episode was more like a work of total coincidence as Miki meets Aya’s sister when out and about before learning who she is and then meeting Maki before realising that she was actually a middle schooler who helped her out when she was being bullied once.

It was nice to get a bit of character building going with Miki and finding out that she’d been bullied before and that is why she was so quiet. It was also nice to once again get the reaffirmation in that this group is super close in such a short period of time.

This weeks game is Incan Gold or Diamant which you can read about HERE!

It is a game of chicken, you all go down to collect jewels, there are 15 hazard cards and when 2 of the same hazard cards are drawn you lose all your jewels and have to leave. After each card is picked you get a chance to leave, all jewels are shared equally until you leave in which case the remaining adventurers get them.

As it was a game of chicken Maki is able to bring Miki out of her shell, in the first round Miki leaves right at the beginning and Maki notices that she has the kind of personality that a bully would hone in on which originally leaves Miki thinking she’s up against one of her old bullies until later on she overhears her first name and remembers that she was actually the girl that sorted the bullies out for her.

Again the game is used as a way of showing how the character can kind of overcome something whether it be shyness or just traumatic events in the past and become stronger because of it.

That is a part of the show I like.

I think when I say that it could become tiresome is the fact you do kind of want a story gluing it all into one thing. I loved Dagashi Kashi but one reason we gave up half way through the season was that there wasn’t much to talk about because the episodes became less and less about the characters and more and more about advertising the sweets they were talking about each episode. At the moment there is still a bit of humanity in these episodes and it gets a bit of leeway because we’re still introducing characters and I think for me it’ll end up being easier to care about because I like table top games over sweets that I’ve never heard of but I do kind of hope that a little bit of story creeps in more often.

Still better then Ascendance of a Bookworm but a million percent.

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