Hataage! Kemono-Michi : Runaway Girl x Attack

Episode 3

 “Iedeshōjo × Shūgekisha” (家出少女 × 襲撃者)

If you want the most ridiculous thing you’ll see this week it has obviously arrived in the form of Hataage! Kemono-Michi the most ridiculous thing we’ll have for the next few weeks.

Trust me it does not disappoint.

There was so much that I worried about when I saw the first episode. The weird love that Genzo has for animals disturbed me a little and I thought that it would end up being one of those times I just felt everything went too far.

As it is the show feels like they know how stupid it all is and just pokes fun of itself and right now it is something I don’t mind laughing about.

Hanako is a great addition to the team, she seems just as clueless as Genzo which is wonderful. Her running away with him and even going along with the “they won’t think of questioning us if we’re both in masks” logic just made me laugh so much. She just works so well with Genzo especially as being half dragon she just wants to eat everything including the dog.

I even like Camilla who also just works with the group.

It was a bit of a strange introduction to two new characters but it made their group just seem even more amazing.

Again I said that the Demon Beast Killer thing would probably get on my nerves but it still kind of works for me so far. I really get a laugh out of Genzo throwing people around and causing  trouble but the fact that his strength stops him from being kicked out of the guild or anything makes me laugh. Plus Shigure walking along behind claiming dropped weapons to sell never gets old.

I just really liked the episode.

It was the right amounts of funny and story telling. It probably will run its course if they don’t put a bit of a more dramatic story into it but at the moment I’m still on board for the majority of the show.

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