Assassins Pride : When the Girl’s World Changes

Episode 2

Shōjo no Sekai ga kawaru toki” (少女の世界が変わるとき)

It is time for the rest of the school to see just what has awoken in Melida. I still have questions surrounding the entire thing but I’m willing to just go with it right now.

I like this show but it makes me angry.

Possibly it makes me angry in the right way and in no way makes me angry in a way that would stop me 100% watching it. It makes me angry in a way that makes it hard to watch at times but overall it just kind of makes me super angry.

That’s because Melida is such a innocent character who is going through hell for no reason.

So she might be a bastard, why did the father not turn his back on her mother and then her ages ago? They used her not having mana as a reason to have her killed, now she’s got mana and he still wants nothing to do with her.

Also why would no one ever stick up for her over Nerva? There is a entire school of kids who don’t necessarily like Nerva but they just left Melida to be bullied relentlessly because she didn’t have mana.

Even when her powers are awakened because somehow she’s sharing Kufa’s she’s a Samurai so she hasn’t even got her dream to be a Paladin and now she has to watch her cousin be a super powerful Paladin whilst she’s making do with being a Samurai.

Nothing goes right for Melida and it feels like no one really wants her to succeed other than Kufa, and part of that is because if she doesn’t then he’ll be dead along with her.

It just makes me angry but I think that is how you are meant to feel.

Even in this episode when Melida finally is able to stand up for herself and fight Nerva the actual battle suddenly turns south for her and whilst she ends up winning in the end the show allows Nerva one last attempt to humiliate Melida in front of everyone. It is why it is so difficult to watch because Melida gives it her all and seems like a nice girl and it just feels like everyone makes her feel like she isn’t deserving of being alive.

I like that Kufa stuck up for her, I was hoping he would tell Nerva to shut up and him doing so made me happy but having one person, the person sent there to kill you at that, be the only person who cares about you is such a depressing thing to have happen and I just feel for her.

Which makes the show so good.

It is two episodes in and I’m already strongly in Melida’s corner. Whilst the world is still a bit of a mystery to me and I would have preferred a explanation of some sort about what happened to her even if it is just a theory character wise this show has me hooked. Even if the story stays the way it is and just moving from one struggle to the next for Melida she’s such a good character that I won’t mind following that I just kind of hope that we’ll get some other things going on beside that as well.

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