Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! : Didn’t I Say the Four of Us Would Be a Party?!

Episode 2

Yonin de Pātī tte Itta yo ne!” (四人でパーティーって言ったよね!)

I feel we’re about to see Mile’s dream come true which should be a wonderful thing.

There is just everything in the world to love about this episode from the actual loving way they portrayed the group getting closer to the stupid mix up of anime stuff that Mile throws in from our world.

I like that you get the overall feel that the four of them are all going to actually be friends, it very much feels like a Slice of Life friendship group, but at the same time we’re given reasons underneath that for their immediate friendship. None of them come over as being cruel or horrible but Reina is very interested in learning from Mile how she is so powerful whilst Pauline has a very business focused mind.

It made for some sweet yet hilarious moments like when they were telling Mile that they hope that she’ll be able to open up to them as they become closer then going back to their inner most thoughts which were all to do with money and power.

Again though it didn’t feel malicious and at the heart of the interactions was always that fuzzy sweet feeling I always got from Kiniro Mosaic.

My favourite scene was the “interrogation” and Mile’s attempts at hiding her skills behind her motto of “it’s a family secret” which just makes me laugh every single time. I like the fact that she didn’t just blurt out what it was that happened to her and that instead of doing that they’ll build it up I guess to either the group finding out or her feeling safe enough with her new friends to tell them.

Her turning her hand to training was a nice touch too as well as her kind of coming around to the fact that she might end up standing out anyway but at least this time she’s got friends.

Which you know seems to be the biggest thing for her and she’s kind of got them.

Honestly such a lovely show, it is hilarious as well but the big mood from episode two was just how nice it all was. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling as Mile was treated the way she always wanted to be treated. It actually makes me laugh out loud quite often too.

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