Parasyte ~ The Maxim : Hello Sadness

Episode 13

Kanashimi yo Konnichi wa” (悲しみよこんにちは)”Kanashimi yo Konnichi wa” (悲しみよこんにちは)

With Kana dead and us heading into the second part of the season we have new threats and a new world to wake up to.

There is literally someone who just secured a position of power who is a Parasyte so things are gonna get a bit scary.

So I don’t think it’ll be the humans that are going to be the big problem for Shinichi.


Obviously Reiko is well aware of him and after he was named as the guy who was found with Kana after she died the group of Parasyte’s who are seemingly in charge are made aware of him being a threat. Reiko continues to observe him, this time sending out a human detective to follow him and putting him into weird situations so as to out him or figure him out more.

Being human means that Migi isn’t able to sense him meaning that Shinichi suddenly showing up at the place where Kana died is something worth figuring out for him.

It seems to be the start of his downfall but right now it is hard to imagine what is the bigger threat.

A human now knows what he is and could go to the police at any second and I think seeing all the signs that point to him being involved being well known they would take that seriously, but he’s unwittingly working for Parasyte’s who want this information for what?

To find a weakness? To see how much of a threat he is?

I didn’t really understand what they were talking about at the beginning, maybe I just wasn’t paying good enough attention but it feels odd that they are just following him around.

These panic attacks though…

Are they a sign of his body finally giving up?

Maybe not his body but just his humanity.

It seems that the real Shinichi is trying to break out with all his worries and his emotions and then he suddenly just stops it. It seems like the actual struggle of his humanity and the Parasyte. Is this a sign that the Parasyte is taking over a little more all the time? Instead of the effects of it having happened and settled it is like he’s slowly falling even more and the panic attacks seem to be the biggest indication of just how much he’s losing the battle.

By the end of the episode it seemed that it took absolutely everything for him to try and talk to Satomi and he just couldn’t. Is this the end of his humanity altogether?

Is the Shinichi we love and knew gone?

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