Vinland Saga : The Light of Dawn

Episode 14

Gyōkō” (暁光)

Everything has kind of changed for Thorfinn and the gang he kind of has thrown himself in with. Beforehand they were just in it for the money and going around enjoying themselves, now they are escorting the Prince of Denmark hoping beyond hope that by helping him Askeladd can help his home of Wales.

This episode was actually totally different in tone and everything else to everything that came before it.

Whilst usually Askeladd is a bit of a dick and lives to the Viking standards of pillaging every place they visit this time it was different and I don’t even really know why. Like even the scene when they invaded and the old lady that helped Thorfinn got caught up in it just wasn’t the same.

Maybe it is because this time we saw the people before they were killed and saw them plead with Askeladd.

Maybe Askeladd himself is changing or because we are no longer just looking at it from a Viking perspective but also have the Christian group of the Prince, Ragnar and the Priest with them that this time we realise that sure this is just Viking way of life but it is actually horrible and these families died when they might not have needed to.

The family itself was nice other then the one remaining member whose place in this world I feel we haven’t seen yet.

Everything about the episode was pretty perfect from the Priest trying to find meaning in his life to the introduction of Anne, a Christian girl who fears she’ll be going to hell after stealing a ring from a merchant in the town. It was the scene where Askeladd has the father plead to let them have half the food so they could survive winter and the obvious answer that they didn’t have to worry about winter anymore that was the best moment though.

It was done in such a way to show the absolute horror of the situation whilst not making it about gore or death, sometimes Vinland Saga can miss the mark a little with scenes like this but this time out they did a wonderful job of showing just how ruthless the Vikings were and how horrific their actions ended up being.

What I like though is that Ragnar is there trying to speak up for people.

His comment of “these are Christian’s” was a interesting one.

As Canute is Christian this must be having a affect on him on some shape or form and Ragnar is the voice of Canute in many ways. They’ve already kind of made a enemy of the Priest which might not seem like much now but could be something much worse later and they also have been seen by Anne who somehow manages to survive a night in the snow and has either embraced that she’s a bad person for stealing a ring and being the last person alive in her village or is going to do her best to bring down the Vikings.

I don’t know, she didn’t really make much sense.

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