Parasyte ~ The Maxim : Heart

Episode 12

Kokoro” (こころ)

I have a whole bunch of feelings about the show. My favourite thing so far is the growth of Shinichi and seeing him slowly turn slightly less human but there have been some weird moments that I can’t get my head over like Satomi.

The world is changing though and the Parasyte’s seem to be much more dangerous.

When I say much more dangerous I mean that they have a position of power now as well.

That seems like it’ll be a really big turning point in the series but for right now it has to take a backseat when the story of Kana finally plays out.

So I said in the last review that I liked her character a little more then Satomi’s and I stick to it. Thing is both characters have strange moments but at least Kana’s is understandable.

Think about it.

She has this bond with Shinichi that means she can tell when he’s around, it seems to pull her to him and because it is a strange power that must be so unique and weird it is easy to see why a teenager would interpret it as love. I mean I once guessed what a YouTuber’s next video would be without any hints and felt awkward because I barely knew that YouTuber or what kind of thing he would make a video on, I literally just daydreamed about it and then a few days later without even knowing he was working on a video one pops up about the very game I was thinking he would make one for. When these things happen it makes you feel awkward because HOW?! For me it was a lucky guess but if I was a teenager? Who knows what I would have taken that as a hint for.

Kana has taken this magical ability of hers and not only decided it is a romantic bond even though the fact she can sense others and isn’t always right about whether it is Shinichi or not proves it isn’t a unique thing with Shinichi, but become dependent on that and wanting him to sense her back.

It screams out to me as a call for help.

She obviously feels invisible and wants someone to sense her the way she sensed him and seeing him with Satomi and him not sensing her back drives her insane.

To the point she goes against his wishes and ends up dead.

It is a sad end to a wonderful character and at the moment the only character we’ve met that could actually help humanity in a oncoming war against Parasyte’s.

Her death isn’t for nothing either, it feels like a final nail in the coffin of Shinichi’s humanity.

As he doesn’t cry at the funeral and he’s now known for being related and friendly with two victims suspicions might start to be raised.

Thing is he himself isn’t too sure whether he’s still human or not. He knows that he should be upset, he knows how he is acting is just like how the Parasyte’s are acting yet what can he do about it? Migi had to do what he did else Shinichi would have died and now he has a bit of Migi inside him at every level and the price to pay for that is to lose some of what makes him human.

He still obviously can figure out what he has to feel and do to be human but it is becoming increasingly harder for him to do those things.

This episode was super sad for the midway point of the season.

Gonna miss Kana.

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