Fairy Gone 2 : Wheel-Stopping Castle

Episode 14

Haguruma ga Tomaru Shiro” (歯車がとまる城)

Veronica’s need to kill Ray Dawn has now been explained in perfect detail and she is on her way to do that whilst Maryla still is working to get him to his destination safe.

My biggest problem with Fairy Gone, if you haven’t noticed, is that its story telling can be all over the place. It has so many threads dangling all over the place and very little bothering to connect important stories together.

One thing I have to say has never been badly explained was Veronica and what she wanted to do. Her hatred of Ray Dawn never needed to be explained more then it already had been but having had it explained in the finest of details only goes to make her motivation even more solid.

So there, some rare praise for the series.

That being said this episode still fell into the same old routine just the difference being not only did Maryla and Veronica once more meet but Free and Wolfran did too, and Veronica and Wolfran also fought and it was just one big coming together of everyone that is half important to the story doing random things that didn’t need to happen.

It wasn’t a mess, it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good either and it was pretty much unnecessary in most parts.

At least Free and Wolfran had a good fight and we got to see Wolfran’s fairy which is super cool.

I am just a bit worn down on the entire Suna story line if I’m honest.

I mean how long was it since season 1 aired and yet it is still so fresh in my mind because it was so boring and long winded in that season that it feels like we literally have had no break at all. Thing is there are so many more interesting stories to follow that episodes like these remind me why it is so frustrating watching the series.

Still love the world and interested in finding out more about it, what should be the main story right now yet isn’t because we need to constantly hear about Suna is still good enough for me to stay.

As tempting as it is to give up on the series there are just so many layers underneath the crap that I want to see laid out before I give up completely.

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