Anime Highlights Week 40

7th – 13th October 2019

The new shows are pretty much all started now and we’re pretty much up to date so what is in store with all the new shows?


I mean I could have put this in last weeks highlights but I dunno, I thought I’d leave it here.

Whilst Dr. Stone transported its characters into the future of their world and Thorfinn is invading a different country honestly this season seems to be made up completely of shows about someone being transported into another world.

Some are game like worlds, some have taken over someone else’s bodies and some are at least self aware enough to poke fun at the genre whilst telling their stories and at least one has turned the general story of person transported to another world on its head completely.

They are literally everywhere to the point that I feel like if I don’t at some point write a 5 Things… Or at least a blog about it all then I’m a disappointment to myself.

Then again we also have the strange world of No Guns Life…

What a First Episode!

As the title says Babylon totally blew me away with its first episode.

It was dark and gritty, funny and human. Super realistic without the need to add anything weird into it and harrowing when the bad things happened. It didn’t shy away from giving us weird and disturbing images but wasn’t there to scare or gross you out just to show you the darker side of the world that we’ll be diving into.

Well paced, brilliant use of sound to draw on suspense, wonderful characters and overall left me staring at my TV with my mouth wide open.

Just beautiful.

What a SECOND episode?!

I’m talking about Cautious Hero here.

Episode 1 told us that we’re in for a fun time but Episode 2 did not hold back on all the doom and gloom the series can also offer. Whilst there were VERY funny moments and some over the top moments that tried too hard to be funny and only kinda worked for me the reason I can’t be angry at just about anything the show did was because honestly? The darker parts of the episode were better then some dark shows can be.

Like there were obviously such gruesome moments in something like Goblin Slayer that people didn’t want to even carry on watching it after the first episode but this episode of Cautious Hero went from making you laugh to making your blood run cold to making you cry back to making you laugh out loud.

It has the right balance of just about everything. Nearly perfect but just right.

Careful what you wish for…

I don’t really know what to call Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life? probably from now on it’ll just be Average Abilities or something.

That being said I really loved the fact that it got that whole concept of not being specific enough down perfectly.

You see the main character Mile died and was given the chance to go to another world with any wish she had. As she was over average in everything she did in her first life which left her lonely she wanted to be average in this next life.

Just… She didn’t specify that she wanted to be a average HUMAN.

We have it explained that the strongest creature is a bloody Elder Dragon and she’s somewhere in between his strength and that of the weakest creature.

Which means she’s trying to be average and failing miserably but she’s managed to randomly find three friends and I’m sure that she’ll learn that it doesn’t matter if you are average or not it is about finding the right people at the right time.

Sick Man.

Yes we’re looking at Seiya.

Now Luc has a thing about Ainz Ooal Gown in Overlord and the fact that he kind of has forgotten his humanity and I have a problem with Myne in Ascendance of a Bookworm for not really as of yet giving respect to the life she’s taken over and being selfish.

So when I say “I like that Seiya is a bad dude” you might sit there and go hang on… what about these?

Thing is he works as a character.

He was summouned there and told that actually if he dies nothing happens so all this is, basically, is a VR experience for him. He’s put a headset on metaphorically and now has to save a world like any other in a JRPG. He doesn’t see the world as being a normal world but he’s also not treating the people like they are game characters. His reasoning for being cautious is because if he dies then that is it for the world and it’s inhabitants so he has to be prepared compared to Ainz who just see’s the world as a extension of a game he played.

Then you have characters like Myne…. To be fair he hasn’t taken over anyone’s life. This is him. Or at least it is a him that he is prepared to give to the world that he’s being forced to help.

In other words he’s a very different character with different goal.

So that being said I love that he’s a dick.

He doesn’t have to be nice, he does see the world as a game but he knows how important it is to save it and isn’t going to play games with the lives of the people living there but that isn’t going to stop him from trying to squeeze every penny out of someone he has saved.

Why does he have to be nice to the Goddess who brought him there? Or care what she’s doing? Or share everything with her?

There will come a time when his character might annoy me but at the moment I kind of like having this different type of hero who has come in and treating it like he’s a roleplaying a hero yet taking it super serious at the same time.

TALKING of Myne…

She’s still a bitch.

I try not to swear as much as I can in reviews and posts in general but it is hard not to when you have a character like her.

She’s still looking down on her new family, the world around her and everything else and it just baffles me how a Bookworm could be like that?

She’s basically been transported into her own Fantasy story in a world that might not be the best but isn’t the worst with a family that adore her and all she’s doing is bad mouthing everyone and everything and being selfish the entire time.

I don’t like how she is with her father who obviously adores his little girls, I love that she was proven wrong about going down the stairs yet at no time does she think “oh maybe I shouldn’t be so dismissive of what my NEW MOTHER tells me and actually be grateful for her love and support” just more moaning about her body being frail. Similarly she calls the world primitive at a festival that is held to make sure that they have enough food for the winter by slaughtering pigs yet happily eats the sausage soup given to her, whines about the taste, and never takes back the shit she’d been talking earlier.

She sounds like she was a over privileged cow in her first life.

Thing is I ADORE her family and I like the world she’s in and the character from the opening episode that is looking into her story seems nice, I also kind of am hoping that it won’t all be about her search for paper and stuff and she’ll have to, at some point, come to terms with the fact she isn’t herself anymore and needs to integrate into her new life so that a family don’t lose their little girl.

Even when she came to terms with it in this episode it was hollow as hell.

In what should have been a beautiful moment of realisation that she’s got a new life it just turned into a “I can write in Japanese, a language not known here, to write down the names of the people I know” it wasn’t cute or sweet or even a moment a lightbulb cam on for her it was just her finally getting over the fact she has a new name…

Death the new beginning.

Babylon had three episodes this week (or at least either on last Sunday or this Monday) and boy did the final one have a explosive ending.

In a twist to the under hand dealings we thought was going on we learn that the young up and coming Mayor, Kaika Itsuki, who had been helped into his position to figurehead the future of their city as the worlds next big super power has turned the tides on us all.

He was the one that brought Ai Magase into the picture, she seems to be able to not only change what she looks like but to talk people into happily committing suicide. He gives a giant speech about how the new world will embrace death as the old world embraced fire and showed this by having 60 people jump off the top of a building with the whole world watching.

Death is now the most important thing in this city.

Yet we still have so much to learn.

Not only do we need to know the motivations of Itsuki but who is Ai? Where did she come from and what is she getting out of this? When Itsuki says that people should embrace death and that he should be able to hand it out does this mean he’s going all evil dictator?

There is a argument to be had that his feelings are justified and that people living to old ages and us fighting tooth and nail to live into our old age isn’t great for the economy but I hope we get to see how he reached this conclusion. We’ll see how he tries to implement it or else what is the point of the show? I just hope we get to see some of the behind the scenes of Itsuki at some point.

Cockroach Poker!

I feel like every week I’ll probably just be adding the game that they played in After School Dice Club but what the heck!

Cockroach poker seems really fun, its a bluffing game and it opened a huge doorway for Tanoue to start speaking to Aya, you see he has a crush on her and whilst I have my doubts about the season due to this episode I guess I did downplay how important watching Aya from his perspective was.

She can’t lie so bluffing games aren’t good for her, she’s also super nice and fast to react. I like how we get to learn a little about the characters through the game and one day find one that Aya is good at.

That being said just watching the game made me really want to play it. It is also only like £10 so I could so buy it right now get it ordered out here and… Play with my abundance of friends………..

I mean I can play it with myself right!?

Anne’s hands

The animation of Vinland Saga is always a extremely high quality but I have to say that it surpassed itself in this episode when Vinland Saga’s own Golem/Bilbo Baggins was shown fondling her ring.

To get the point of just how poor these characters were the entire village had broken nails and hands that looked like they were in constant pain.

Seeing this was a animated show for them to get that across I have to praise it as highly as I ever praise anything in this show. I just loved the animation on their hands and faces and whilst Anne was problematic for me (I don’t care who she is she would be dead the amount she rolled around in that snow on little to now food) it was just a beautiful bit of animation in one of the strongest episodes to date.

Capitalism Saves the Day!

In a show where a bunch of Prodigies from our world are thrown into the under developed society of some kind of fantasy land who would have thought the very first adventure we really would have is in capitalism?

Yet here we are.

The first big problem the Seven Prodigies face is the society they are now living in. It became known last episode that the treasurer, Elch, doesn’t believe they should stay because they don’t earn enough to feed seven more mouths and being genuinely nice people as well as seeing opportunity when it comes calling the team decide to help the Village in any way they can.

In steps businessman, Merchant Masato.

He goes to town with Elch, see’s the unfair way that traders are treated, the one man monopoly on trading and decides to bring them down. Of course this would mean that he himself will be the one man trading company in town and until Neutscheland is down we don’t know whether or not he’ll completely overhaul trading in the city of Dormundt or not but right now we’re at war.

It was interesting to see the steps taken to take down Neutscheland and how easy Masato found it but like Luc says in his review it was also nice for him not to be throwing other people under the bus right now. It also opens up Elch as a character who can see the business side of things but also want to play it fair after they’ve brought down the company that up until now hadn’t been playing fair.

Who would have thought a war over trading could be so fun?

Final Three!

Whilst most shows have their second episodes out this week a few had their first and the final three shows No Guns Life, Kabukicho Sherlock and Assassins Pride were three wonderful shows to end on.

All very different, all with their own unique reasons to watch and all three not shows about someone being transported to a new world.

We have a lot of shows we are hoping to keep on top of this season but I feel if anything these three are gonna be the ones we don’t want to miss.

Brotherly Love….

I have to honestly say that the thing I loved most in this weeks episode of Vinland Saga was the brothers at the beginning telling the Priest that their version of love was their bond that they share and how they work together on the battlefield.

It sounds stupid and to be fair it was a little funny but it also kind of was so very cool too.

Like this episode in particular showed the cold side of the Vikings but in that instance we were reminded that they are normal people with families that they love and feelings. They might be dumb as hell sometimes and them telling the Priest about their love was done in such a way to make the audience laugh but hearing two warriors talk about how they love their brother just was heartwarming to the max.

I love those two anyway and happy to finally have it confirmed that they are brothers!

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