No Guns Life : Renegade Extended

Episode 1

Bōsō kakuchōsha” (暴走拡張者)

I honestly wish there was a camera in front of me to catch the reaction when I put this on. I was told not to read anything about it and just start watching it.

My face a few seconds in and my face by the end were completely different and I’m here to tell you why I think I’m in love with this show.

When I first figured out the main character had a gun for a head I honestly thought I’d been set up. I was told the last two shows I was going to 100% cover weren’t comedies and would be right up my street and here I was with a main character with a gun for their head.

Then it started to tell us about the world, the war that it had been through the fact that humans modified themselves for the world and after all was said about that the actual action started and I kind of totally forgot that I was weirded out by a character having a gun for their head. I mean it is Anime, anything goes right?

Whilst it had its funny moments like Juzo’s weakness for women and him spinning his chamber to get the water out and freaking out Tetsuro it was actually a really good like old fashioned noire-esque tale.

It is dark, filled with action and crazy things happening all the time but it had a lot of heart too. For a character with no emotion on their face you kind of bonded with Juzo just by his actions and seeing what he did and whilst the style wasn’t Noire the way he talked and acted very much was like some kind of backstreet detective only just within the law himself.

Then it came to the end of the episode with Tetsuro’s story and boy did it hurt to hear it.

It went from bizarre to action packed to heartbreaking within one episode and left you gutted that the episode ended the way it did. You kind of wanted to know who won in the end, if Juzo was able to save Tetsuro and all the rest of it. It makes you really hope the next episode comes faster then it actually will.

No Guns Life is one of those shows that if you ever attempted to explain it to anyone they would shake their head and think you are crazy but I have a feeling just based on this episode that the stories are going to be well told and delivered in a fast paced action-y way that will keep you on the edge of your seat. There is a lot to explore in the world from its past to its future and the characters we’ve currently met plus the door is open for even more ridiculous things then a man with a gun for a head.

Plus not only that the intro makes it look like there is a lot of character development and love that is going to be poured into this, the talk about him needing to trust someone to pull his trigger and he doesn’t want to trust anyone to pull his trigger first up came across as a very bad pick up line but later to me looks like foreshadowing to him and his relationship with hopefully Tetsuro.

Because boy do I hope that kid is saved.

2 thoughts on “No Guns Life : Renegade Extended”

  1. This was a really odd episode. When I was about a minute in a friend of mind came in and started watching over my shoulder. About thirty seconds later they paused the show on me and demanded an explanation. For which I had none because I’d barely started watching myself. I ended up really enjoying this first episode but you are right, trying to explain to someone else that you are watching an anime about a guy with a gun for a head is really not the easiest thing to do.

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