Kabukicho Sherlock : Hello Detectives

Episode 1

Hajimemashite tantei shokun” (はじめまして探偵諸君)

I am here with the final show we’re reviewing this season that being Kabukicho Sherlock a mystery, comedy, fantasy show.

Boy am I looking forward to this one.

It was such a ridiculous take on Sherlock Holmes honestly I laughed but I also really kind of enjoyed it from beginning to end.

All of the characters are crazy, over the top people with ridiculous quirks. This along with just some of the scenes in general made it hilarious whilst it also kind of managed to keep a really serious and dark tone as well.

Kabukicho is a beautiful city, I like that the Detectives group is in a back alley and they made a big thing about the neon lights and stuff it made the city feel gritty and the world seem serious when things like Mrs Hudson singing or Sherlock doing his thing were happening.

Character design wise they aren’t the best looking but that adds to the charm.

For me it had a great balance of comedy and things that you love about Sherlock Holmes.

Whilst I’m a little upset we didn’t find this worlds Jack the Ripper, and boy does he sound as gruesome as the real one, I did like how it was all worked out step by step who the killer was. Or at least explained step by step later on as most of the episode didn’t really see Sherlock do much.

Sherlock and Johns relationship is pretty fun, the kid was brilliant yet I have no clue who he is meant to be as of yet and I think this might be my favourite Mrs Hudson ever.

Really enjoyed the fact that Lestrade goes to give a bunch of detectives a job and it is like a game who gets the right answer first. It is a bit of a twist though I’m sad they didn’t just throw in all the most famous detectives they could if I’m honest with you.

What I will say against it is that whilst I did enjoy it sometimes how hectic it got did make my mind wander. I enjoyed this version of Sherlock but there is something about him that just stopped me from being as engaged in what he was saying or doing sometimes, I feel this is something that isn’t going to detract from the series as a whole but will be something I need to really get used to whilst watching it.

For the final series this season it was a fun one to end on.

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