After School Dice Club : This is a Cockroach

Episode 2

Kore wa gokiburi desu!” (これはゴキブリです!)

We’re back for another episode of gaming fun!

This time with Cockroach Poker!

You heard it right Cockroach Poker which again looks super fun to play, it is a bluffing card game where you try and get your opponents to collect different pest cards. You lose if you collect either four of the same type or one of each. Again you can learn more on the website right HERE!

That is enough about the game though I guess.

I really liked the episode but I can’t really tell you why.

Tanoue is a really sweet character, he came across as having a sweet crush on Aya and not anything weird and watching him trying so hard to first just talk to her and then impress and help her in the game was fun. As I said for the first episode this entire series is just sweet and gentle in the way it does things.

That being said most of the episode was really about the game and the dynamics which was interesting but there isn’t much to be said about it.

The three girls have a great chemistry with each other but I feel like that kind of went into the background in this episode to introduce Tanoue who just has a different chemistry with them all, I don’t think I will enjoy it as much if we start introducing too many characters and don’t get to see their relationship grow because they are a interesting group that I kind of want to see develop throughout and not just have them play games.

Like it is starting to feel like we might just be being sold games here.

I guess for me the first episode promised something that the second episode didn’t deliver and whilst the gaming aspect was cute and helped develop the story in this one it kind of did but with a new character and a weird story which makes me feel like he was just there to have another person to play the game with.

Then again it could just be to help develop a understanding on the strengths and weaknesses of the girls.

Who knows.

It was still a great episode and still made me want to buy Cockroach Poker which is much more affordable for me two weeks after pay day and nearly three weeks before my next one.

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