The Anxiety Experiment #4 : Bear With Me Episode 2 Part 3

Here it is the ending to Bear With Me Episode 2!

This was actually kind of a double bill but I thought I’d post the two videos in two different blogs so yeah. There’s that.

It was the first time that I streamed without having a prompt message written for when I went online and it was a lot easier, even with all the restarts because of my internet it just kind of got to the point that it didn’t  feel like I was doing anything.

Whilst I still ummm a lot and lose track of the words I’m trying to say so stop speaking thinking about it I feel like I’m getting better. I don’t really second guess commenting on things and just being myself which is nice because usually I’m terrified of saying just about anything just in case I say the wrong thing.

I probably will never be good at streaming, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like I’m at least getting to the point where in my head it isn’t a battle anymore.

This stream was kind of a battle though and I explain it at the beginning.


I had played up to getting the hatch open about 3 times by the time this stream actually worked and I STILL had problems throughout, specially because I left the screen to read the message. You can probably tell that I was kind of fed up by the time this recording was taken, I felt like the first two times I played through it I was much more natural and calm up until realising the stream had died and this time I couldn’t remember anything I had said or even cared if I said it but happily that set back was only for a little bit!

What doesn’t help is that my cousin walked in nearer the end and even when I turned my mic off and told him I was streaming he sat there until after I finished recording talking and making noise so I had to just end without saying anything.

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