Parasyte ~ The Maxim : The Blue Bird

Episode 11

Aoi Tori” (青い鳥)

Hair pulling will save the world!

After figuring out that if you remove part of the Parasyte from its human form it will wriggle in pain hair pulling has become the new way to great people.

Kinky people that they are.

So the answer to “what will they do when they find a wiggly hair” is die it seems.

Yes the government has given them a way to tell if something is up but what exactly are they meant to do after? I mean we open with a drunk woman doing it for the LOLZ but she still gets killed and the fact that another one just stumbles upon all of this means that there are plenty of them all around the place.

Even Shinichi has realised how stupid all this is and warns off Kana from going around pulling people’s hair out.

Personally the only part of this episode that really interested me was seeing the Parasyte’s in the world.

First up the fact that they seem plenty enough that one can just walk in on another killing someone the second is that they are plentiful enough that they are starting to form groups to experiment to see how far they can go before they are in trouble.

We see one walking into a Yakuza lair just to see how many times they can be hit by a heavily armed group, the fact that he made short order of the entire group and then walked out covered in blood, kidnapped another guy without anyone noticing, and went about his business is pretty terrifying. Already this group is much more terrifying then whatever Reiko is doing. I don’t really find her that scary and she isn’t really a threat at the moment either whilst the others…

Well it looks like world domination is in the plans.

I think finally I want to say that I really don’t know how I feel about Satomi and Shinichi’s relationship..

It feels like it has to be dramatic for the sake of it.

Compare her to Kana. She obviously kind of knows something is up with Shinichi because she’s known him for a long time and has a crush on him, their relationship in general is cute but then you have Kana who can actually sense Parasyte’s and goes with her gut.

I’d prefer Satomi to be like that and actually go with her gut, dig into investigating the changes in Shinichi and not back out just because he saves her. Like she kind of forgave him in a way last episode just to come back and ask Kana if she thinks he’s changed.

As I like this change in Shinichi and Satomi is the number one character that needs to explore it I hate that it feels like they hold back on allowing her to actually explore anything.

Kana doesn’t bother me not because she’s doing much better but because she sticks to one path.

She’s confused this sense she has as divine proof of a romantic link to Shinichi because… Well why wouldn’t you? It’ll be like a crush just with some sort of actual connection being confused for feelings instead of butterflies in the stomach. She doesn’t really know what it is she’s looking at and her main objection is Shinichi’s attention whether she has to go through Satomi or not. It was Shinichi that made her feel like he might be something else and unlike Satomi changing her mind every minute Kana has kind of kept the same path.

Not that I don’t like Satomi because I actually love Satomi I just wish she’d be allowed to actually stick to one path.

Also… Why would she sit around all calm when Shinichi uses Migi’s metaphor of humans being cows and pigs to explain why she shouldn’t be upset about the Parasyte’s. It was so odd after her reaction to the puppy incident.

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